These absurd advertising campaigns will really brighten your day

These absurd advertising campaigns will really brighten your day

Advertising campaigns are not all fun and games. But sometimes, they are just that.

These six campaigns won’t just make your day a little better. They will prove that being ridiculous at times is a smart branding strategy.

1. Poo-Pourri: “Imagine Where You Could Go”

How many air freshener ads are there that just show someone spraying the product into the air and smelling it? Tip question. The answers are too many, and none of them are entertaining. Thankfully, Poo-Pourri realizes that on a basic level, there’s nothing funnier than, well, poo. Behold, the company’s latest masterpiece: a music video with better production value and more ways of saying it than you ever thought possible. Keep an eye out for the Beyoncé impersonator, the number jumper on the toilet, and the poop magician.

This video is an advertising genius. In its first day online, it had more than 120,000 views and mentions over Adweek .

Score for: “Download a brown download” and “when the loot naturally calls my phone.”

2. Tommy John underwear: “Crotch Creep”

Underwear companies have plenty of opportunities to be funny, but somehow they continue to roll out the same “sexy people look hot in our sexy lingerie” spotlight in school. In case you are not able to connect. Thankfully, Tommy John stepped in to fill the metaphorical void.

Tommy John’s most recent ad, “Crotch Creep,” highlights how dangerous an uncomfortable pair of panties can be. To put it bluntly, you’ll make anyone who sees you itch your groin.

Take a look at the ad below and remember: No one wants to be an idiot.

Points for: The man managed to make a decent outfit in a suit . That takes skill.

3. Whiskas: “Kitten Kollege”

Cats make everything better, up to and including college lectures and cat food brand Whiskas proves it in the adorable and gently educational YouTube series “Kitten Kollege “. The kollege’s purpose, of course, is “to raise the kittens of today into the cats of tomorrow.”

The clips in the promotion cover a variety of topics, from “How to choose the right kittens” to “training kittens,” but perhaps the best is the intro video:

And with that, you’ve completed the recommended daily intake. Nothing.

Scoring: a small textbook that says Katka. And two kittens engrossed in work.

4. Bonds Underwear: “The Boys”

Noticed a topic here? When you look ridiculous no matter what, you can accept it. What could be more fun than a story told by two testicles? Probably nothing. Trust us, this ad sucks (sorry, it has to be).

Who would have thought that representing male anatomy with golden egg-laying chairs was a beautiful genius.

Score for: Two men, dressed as testicles, screamed for a long time.

5. Squatty Potty: “Rainbow Unicorn Poop”

This commercial is exactly what would happen if the charming man Ax lived in the Middle Ages — and appeared in an ad for a stool. The script is silly fun and manages to pack a surprising amount of information about bowel anatomy. Now you know that people want to go to the bathroom squatting, not sitting.

This ad clearly made a mark — the video has more than 5 million views. Lesson: Bathroom humor always wins.

Score for: phrases like “a stream of smooth saliva gliding like a virgin swan,” and also small children eating unicorn poop.

6. Totes McGoats, Half-Goat Recycled Mascot

When the mayor of Niagara Falls discovered that only 4% of his residents were being recycled, he decided that his town needed a new recycling program. Obviously, that show needs a mascot. A walking globe? No. A humanized recycling bin? Guess again. No, Niagara Fall’s recycling mascot is…

Totes McGoats.

Yes, Totes McGoats is horrifying, but he’s also memorable. This planet-loving mountaineer made headlines in Cosmo , Mashable , and time. Plus, he’s a huge hit on Twitter:

Sure, everyone calls him scary – but any publicity is good publicity, right? And in a crazy twist, Buffalo News reveals that Totes is a former heroin dealer trying to clear his name. Really.

However, what matters is the results, and it turns out this masked man did a great job. Since Totes McGoats arrived on the scene, Recycling in Niagara Falls increased from 4% to 23 percent. Now that’s content ROI!

Score for: everything.

Next time you’re stuck and trying to find a way to cross a creative dead end, remember that people have actually clicked on a video of two boys in nude jumpsuits sitting on egg chairs. There are thousands of inappropriate spellings out there. It’s just a matter of finding one that audiences everywhere will love.

By Nguyen Manh Cuong

Nguyen Manh Cuong is the author and founder of the nguyendiep blog. With over 14 years of experience in Online Marketing, he now runs a number of successful websites, and occasionally shares his experience & knowledge on this blog.

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