This is the worst customer service mistake you can make

This Is the Worst Customer Service Mistake You Can Make


This Is the Worst Customer Service Mistake You Can Make

We’ve all experienced really bad customer service at some point in our lives. Whether it’s the failure to resolve the issue to our liking (“sorry, no refunds!”), or the constant wait, or the outsourced customer service that really has no connection meaningful to the brand we interacted with, we would be very disappointed.

However, perhaps we should consider, perhaps even admit, that customer service, as an industry, has improved over the years due to technology, CRM systems, and perhaps importantly especially social media.

The aftermath of a poor customer service experience has shifted from a one-on-one private phone conversation to a spectator game in which anyone can share a bad experience, leave a review, or throw a ball. Shame on a company for not “handling” a problem well. The cost of one bad customer service experience , in real dollars, can break out of a reasonable range very very quickly. Companies have this, and they’ve done a great job in developing and investing to address this new paradigm shift.

However, despite all the advancements and improvements, there is still an extremely frustrating situation, the worst case scenario many companies still have: No reply at all!

However, there is no reply
No reply at all

This was prophesied by Phil Collins with Genesis back to 1981 – yes, almost 40 years ago! And he was right!

Customer experience Disappointing and not the best is when a company refuses to confirm you have initiated contact. Whether it’s a phone call to customer service that rings indefinitely and is never answered, an email that goes unanswered, a chat session and still don’t act stupidly, regardless of the communication channel, there’s no answer as to the worst action (or inaction) a company can offer.

And yet, it still happens to this day.

True, the larger companies are much better equipped to avoid this scenario, and most do their job well. However, smaller companies that do not have the full infrastructure, technology, staff or priorities can and should leave too many communications unanswered. and I have selected one of the leading companies that will send your request to many suppliers. No harm, no foul. I found out how this model works. Not only did none of the three vendors answer my questions, but the lead generation company I use also failed to follow up to make sure I had a good experience. That’s not clearly reflected for four separate companies, none of which I would consider doing business, ever. not one, but three different ways:

  1. Existing Customers expect to be met in a timely manner because they paid for an expected outcome;
  2. Most of the customers are trying to transact, if the question or concern is not resolved in the customer journey, they will go elsewhere;
  3. Potential customers top gold, do an investigation at an early stage, if ignored, they will also go elsewhere.

And then there’s the efficiency factor t: the best rejected prospect will stay silent and never engage with you again, and worse, share their stories of contempt with others . And on social media, that disdain can spread at breakneck speed. any question or problem, on all channel, all time. This prescription — regardless of the specifics of the problem — will always be better received than no answer at all .

There’s no reason to don’t answer at all except for the indifference on the part of management.

The tools, technologies, and even manual systems for managing this process are plentiful and accessible to any company of any size. There’s really no reason to No answer beyond indifference on the part of management. And that doesn’t sit well with most customer service agents. Their job is hard enough that it’s ridiculous, without the tantrums before exposure to some aspect, “you don’t matter, we’ll ignore you” as a conversation starter. story.

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By Nguyen Manh Cuong

Nguyen Manh Cuong is the author and founder of the nguyendiep blog. With over 14 years of experience in Online Marketing, he now runs a number of successful websites, and occasionally shares his experience & knowledge on this blog.

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