Tide Launches Excellent Partnership (and More Content Stories of the Week)

Tide Launches Excellent Partnership (and More Content Stories of the Week)

This week, we’re talking about dirty laundry in space, a chicken brand that isn’t so popular on social media, and the moment #ProudParent hit it big.

Tide’s NASA partnership puts dirty clothes in the process

Detergent brand Procter & Gamble Tide is working with NASA to explore how to clean astronauts’ clothes, according to CNBC .

Right now, astronauts need 160 pounds of clothes shipped to the space station every year because they can’t wash their clothes. Their used clothing can be returned to Earth in a disposable capsule that burns in the atmosphere. And that process won’t work well on missions longer than the space station.

That’s because Astronauts live in a water-scarce environment and all water-based products, including moisture, are captured and recycled into drinking water – and that will include food. laundry. So the new Tide detergent has to work with much less water and be completely biodegradable, Fast Company explain.

For those reasons, Tide’s product development could also work well on Earth for parts of the world where water is scarce.

Image showing the ISS National Lab Nasa Tide logo.  The first-ever astronaut laundry solution.

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: We think Tide developing products in space is a great thing, and we’re interested in content marketing opportunities that arise from astronauts’ stories and their laundry problems.

Just in the announcement, the audience learned more about what they probably never thought of but was part of making a mission to Mars doable. Now the audience wants to know more – how do you start creating a space detergent, what other criteria do they have to consider, what the “bug” looks like, etc.

And that’s where we wanted the P&G content marketing team to take their content out of this world.

The Tide-NASA partnership is also a good reminder to chat with product developers in your company – you never knew What interesting stories? you can find.

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El Pollo Loco creates a better product based on social network Feedback

In an interview at MediaPost QSR Brand Insider Summit , CEO Bernard Acoca says the company has spent less than 3% of its media budget on digital in recent years. Today, that’s 50% spend.

And it’s also sounding better. “We always (listen to our customers), but the power of society is that you can do it in real time,” says Bernard.

He shared a recent vegetarian product launch story. El Pollo Loco’s customers are up social media to tell the company that the product’s sauce contains egg enzymes, so it’s not vegetarian or vegan. The company then changed the sauce and got the new product certified as vegan with the American Vegetarian Association.

“You can shop with acumen and speed in a way that you simply couldn’t do before,” Acoca said.

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: The task of listening is often delegated to the social media team, but its impact is company-wide. It is essential to establish an internal communication system that allows real-time listeners to connect with non-marketers, such as product development teams.

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Twitter tells about the sweet success of OREO

A case study produced by Twitter details the key takeaways of OREO’s success in the 2020 #ProudParent Campaign. Focusing on reaching the Twitter community, OREO has partnered with National Coming Out Day and PFLAG. At the heart of the campaign is a film about a woman who brings her partner home for the first time to meet her family.

The Twitter campaign resulted in a 2,846 increase in brand mentions and a 34% increase in positive sentiment for OREO and #ProudParent. The campaign includes:

  • Tweet with shorter videos to direct people to www.OREOProudParent.com (The website now redirects to a general company page.)
  • Extended reach through Twitter Amplify, which pairs OREO videos with quality content published on other brands’ channels
  • The giveaway campaign promotes user-generated content with OREO limited edition rainbow cookies as prizes

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: OREO converted its powerful 3-minute video into a multifaceted campaign on Twitter and off-site, generating powerful results for OREO and #ProudParents everywhere. It’s also a great reminder to jot down a piece of content (in this case, a movie) and break it down into smaller parts to get the most out of your team’s work and make consistent messaging easier.

We were a bit disappointed that OREO didn’t see fit to redirect the campaign’s small website, OREOProudParent.com, to a page that featured or mentioned its commitment to the LGBTQ community.

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Cover photo by Joseph Kalinowski / Content Marketing Institute

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