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VPS Windows is a very popular service. If you don’t like the slowness of Shared Hosting. The cost of a private server. Then VPS Windows Vietnam is the solution for you. This is the type used by many businesses today. VPS gives you the feeling of using a dedicated computer. The point that makes a virtual server unique from other types of servers is the “virtualization” factor.

vps windows vietnam

VPS is used modern virtualization technology to perform the process of dividing the server into many virtual servers. The form of using this resource is that it is shared from the central server. Each VPS will receive a fixed amount of resources. VPS owners will have full use rights without sharing or sharing with other VPS.

A virtual private server can include web server software, File Transfer Protocol programs, mail server programs, and various types of application software for e-commerce blogging.

What are VPS usually used for?

  • Create and design game servers
  • Hosting website systems in many fields such as e-commerce, exchange forums, news sites, online learning, ….
  • Developing platforms for applications on smartphones and computers
  • Store common data such as photos, videos, text documents, etc.
  • Use as an email server system for businesses
  • Run live media programs
vps windows vietnam

Windows VPS can also be a game server

Top VPS providers Windows Vietnam

Eye of the Storm – ODS

This is an alliance that holds the largest hosting market share in the field of providing computer software in Vietnam. Here are the strengths and outstanding advantages of Mat Bao:

  • Being the 3rd Vietnamese domain name registrar (after FPT and PA Vietnam)
  • Successfully combining hosting and datacenter activities, controlling the market share of the information technology industry
  • Hosting Vietnam provided by Storm Eye has high performance, fast and stable data processing speed
  • The server here is also appreciated for its compatibility with different operating systems.
  • Various capacity packages for many objects


Surely all of us have heard these names many times. Although it has only entered the hosting market in the past 5 years, Viettel has proven its strength thanks to the deployment of VPS distribution since its establishment. However, Viettel’s market share is not commensurate, there is no outstanding communication activity, and the speed and stable performance of the service is only average.

With prices ranging from 30,000 – 500,000 VND/month, you can still rent a VPS package with stable connection, bandwidth and large SSD drive, making the quality of service highly appreciated, but still limited. about utilities.


This is a foreign brand developed in Vietnam, established in 2004. With more than 16 years of operation in the field of providing software services, Hostinger has served more than 48,000 customers by now. various Internet solutions. Among the top 10 reputable hosting providers in Vietnam.

PA Vietnam

This is known as the first Vietnamese domain name registrar. Although this is a provider of many website solutions, PA Vietnam is remembered for its outstanding server service. PA web hosting packages are suitable for both personal web or business web, with prices from only 36,000 VND/month, which is a bargain price. However, the weakness of PA is the new implementation of SSD hosting, but the efficiency is not high, the stability and speed of the service is quite average.


A familiar name for services Hosting, Domain, Server in the Vietnamese market. Providing a lot of such services, however, BKNS with VPS Windows Vietnam service is always highly appreciated. With moderate prices and excellent product quality and service. BKNS will be an address that provides VPS Windows Vietnam that you should use.

Some advantages that you will get if you use VPS Windows Vietnam at BKNS:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate let’s encrypt
  • IPV4 address:
  • 01 Free IPv6/56
  • Weekly data backup
  • Free trial: 07 days
  • 24/7 support
  • Support transferring data from other NCC to BKNS.
  • Free Direct Admin
  • Requires separate configuration

Just now is some information about VPS Windows Vietnam. Along with that are some of the leading Windows VPS providers in Vietnam. BKNS hopes that you already have information about these suppliers. If you are interested in the Windows VPS service in Vietnam, don’t forget to consult the service right away BKNS’s VPS is here.

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