Try these tools to create content that works for search engines and audiences

Some content creators argue that writing to please your audience and impress the search engines puts them between a rock and a hard place.

But successful content marketers realize that writing for your audience is no different than writing for the search engines. It’s all about creating valuable content, can be consumed and help your audience discover it.

To help you achieve both, I’ve compiled a list of 13 tools broken down into SEO and writing sections, but all designed to help you create valuable content that will be enjoyed by your target audience. your discovery and use.

SEO tools to help your audience discover your content

These search engine optimization tools provide useful analysis of key word competitors, search engine results pages, etc.

1. SpyFu

SpyFu It does what its name suggests – it allows you to keep an eye on your competitors for your content. By typing your competitor’s website into the search box, you get insights into relevant data like traffic, incoming links, and beneficial keywords in non-content content. their paid search and paid search campaigns.

SpyFu shows you what’s working in your industry, including:

  • Key word
  • Pay-per-click ( PPC ) campaigns
  • Backlinks
  • Competitors’ keywords, ranking and ad testing history

Price: Free with limited features; Paid plans start at $33/month

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2. Semrush

Semrush is an all-in-one SEO content writing tool for every marketer. With Semrush, you can perform detailed keyword research, SEO, competitive analysis, performance testing, campaign tracking, and content analysis.

Semrush also has a rich feature set, including:

  • Keyword research the most profitable search terms
  • On the page and Local SEO
  • Competitive analysis
  • Daily rank tracking for target keyword changes
  • Social media management and analytics

Price: Free limited Features; Paid plans start at $119.95/month

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3. Clearscope

Clearscope allows you to generate traffic worthy, and relevant articles. It compiles an in-depth list of semantically related keywords to include in your content for a target keyword.

Clearscope recommends content rating requirements, such as word count and readability score, and give the SEO score relative to the competition. It also helps you spot keyword gaps.

Pricing: Plans start at $170/month.

4. Keywords Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that displays search and keyword metrics on search engine results pages.

This SEO tool analyzes your search terms across multiple websites and shows you relevant trending, semantic, and long-tail keywords. It also displays your keywords’ advertising costs, trend patterns and competition data through powerful features like:

  • Search interest graph (from Google and YouTube data )
  • Keyword widget for long tail keyword suggestion and search volume
  • “people also search for keyword extensions” and “relevant searches”
  • Competitor gap analysis
  • Cost per click (CPC) and volume data
  • Website analysis, including domain authority Moz scores, monthly organic traffic, keyword rankings, spam ratings, and domains and referrers.

Price: Free limited Features; Paid plans start at $10/year.

5. Frase

Frase help you create valuable, rich keywords and Articles optimized for search intent . It speeds up your content creation process by generating detailed content summaries in minutes.

Frase puts a core summary of the web’s best information in one place, providing:

  • Thoroughly researched content summary
  • Custom concise templates to streamline content workflow
  • Optimize content and compare with top search results
  • Content Vulnerability Discovery
  • SEO Content Analysis

Pricing: Plans start at $44.99/month.

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6. LongTailPro

LongTailPro is another tool whose name speaks to its function. It uncovers beneficial long-tail keyword phrases for your target keyword.

You can find low competition and high paying CPC keywords through:

  • Keyword profitability ranking
  • Daily keyword tracking
  • Domain name search engine
  • Competitive research

Pricing: Plans start at $37/month

Writing tools to help your content

You can research keywords, target phrases, etc., so your content will get noticed in search results. But you also need to pay special attention to the words, phrases, and sentences that come together to create your content. Here are some tools to help:

7. Grammarly Business

Grammarly Business Analyze your content for readability, clarity, plagiarism, spelling and grammar. This tool helps you communicate your message effectively by providing error-free, readable and clear content with your readers through:

  • Suggestions to rewrite the sentence
  • Detect and adjust tone
  • Detect plagiarism
  • Advanced Suggestions
  • Choose Word

Price: Starting at $12.50/month

No. 8. Editor Hemingway

Another writing tool to make your content readable and legible is Editor Hemingway . With this editing app you can track and correct grammar errors on a page.

Through color-coded highlights, it identifies what works and what can be improved. It also includes:

  • Classification of readability
  • Word suggestions
  • Format feature
  • Writing and editing mode

Pricing: Free via online search; app is $19.99.

9. Cliche Finder

To make your content readable (and unique), avoid using too many words and phrases that make it difficult to hear or read. Cliche Finder can help you identify those words and suggest replacements for those old words. Simply copy and paste your content into the available cell and click “Find Clicks.”

Pricing: Free

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10. Grading jargon

Similar to clichés, jargon there should be a limit (or no) in your content. Jargon Grader is a simple tool that helps you create clear and understandable content.

It identifies and offers fixes for jargon in your content. It also marks complex words or terms that are often confusing and unintelligible so you can remove them.

Pricing: Free

11. RhymeZone

RhymeZone is a library of rhymes to add charm and memorable content. It provides:

  • Comprehensive list of rhymes by syllable or letter
  • Rhythm ranking and analysis
  • Re-rank and filter the boxes
  • Suggestions rhyme by lyrics, poems and novels

Pricing: Free

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12. Readable

You want your audience to see your content, but they won’t if it’s too hard. Can read can help. This analysis tool checks and scores your content’s readability, checks for grammatical errors, and makes necessary recommendations to improve the content.

Among Readable’s features are:

  • Striking color to indicate grammar problems
  • Readability testing for text, files, emails and website URLs
  • Export and download file functions
  • Text statistics
  • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Equivalency Score
  • Readability Score
  • Reach analysis

Price: Free with limited features; Paid plans start at $4/month.

13. Plagiarism Checker

Small SEO Tool Plagiarism Checker detect potential plagiarism in your content. It searches billions of documents online to ensure your content is original.

Its features include:

  • URL integration
  • Upload documents from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Detailed report on plagiarism
  • Shareable and downloadable options

Price: Free limited Features; Paid plans start at $9.80/month

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Create content that matches your search and audience

With these tools, you better position your content to rank well, so it attracts more readers. And when they see your content, they’ll find it free of errors, jargon, and cliches, and ready to use with ease.

All tools mentioned in the article are identified by the author. If you have a tool to recommend, feel free to add it in the comments.

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Cover photo by Joseph Kalinowski / Content Marketing Institute