In today’s modern technology era, creating a website is not too difficult, if not extremely simple. In this article, Semtek will guide you to design a sales website using WordPress that is very simple and convenient for you to apply immediately.

Why should you design a sales website with WordPress and Woocommerce?

  • WordPress: Is the world’s most popular and preferred platform for building a website. With powerful features, it will help you get an eye-catching and very professional Online Shop.
  • Woocommerce: Is the number one tool in supporting turning an ordinary website into an online shop today. Millions of people around the world are using and selling online effectively with it.

Choosing a website building platform is considered a prerequisite when you intend to have an online business or sell online. In the field of web design, WooCommerce and WordPress are two globally famous sales website building platforms for their convenience and unique features, perfect for personal business.

Creating a sales website has never been easier with the help of WordPress and WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a free plugin used to create an e-commerce site for small and medium businesses, on WordPress. These two platforms are written in open source code and are highly customizable, which can help business individuals easily set up and manage their websites quickly and efficiently. Forget about having to know about IT to create a website, now creating an effective sales website has become extremely simple.

When is it better to code by hand instead of designing a sales website with WordPress?

Many people often wonder whether to design a website with wordpress or to code it by hand. Hand code is the term people use to refer to programming websites based on some Framework. At that time, forcing the programmer to code everything, including the admin page. To know when to make a WordPress website, we will analyze the pros and cons of each of these designs:

Hand-coded website:


  • You can program everything you want, no technical limitations
  • Code gets many distinct complex features.
  • Website guaranteed high quality
  • Much higher security when installing Theme
  • Fast page loading speed


  • Because I have to code everything, it takes a lot of time and effort
  • The cost of web code is very high, especially for websites that require special features such as ordering with an in-depth system, classifieds, etc.

Create a Web with WordPress with an available Theme (or it is known as installing Theme):


Simple operation, easy to use, anyone can use WP.

If you use the available Themes and Plugins to build a WordPress website, it will be very simple, extremely fast, once you get used to it, you will then be like a skilled craftsman, throwing any project will complete that project immediately. cumbersome.


Because you use everything available, you have to accept that it is not 100% perfect as you want. You can only make a few tweaks and at most you can be up to 70% satisfied.

Some websites require a lot of complex features, if running on WordPress will be relatively slow. And you know, for creating a Web with WordPress now, “slow is death”.

Security is very low, if your website encounters a professional wearing a black hat, it will be miserable.

You see, based on the above analysis, how to design the web will depend on what your real needs are. For creating a Website with WordPress that doesn’t need many advanced features, you can use the built-in WordPress Theme. The integration of a number of suitable Plugins still helps your website to optimize information and SEO standards on search engines.

Web design for sales with WordPress
Web design for sales with WordPress

Instructions for designing a sales website using WordPress

Choose a domain name for your website

Domain name can be understood as the address of your store or home. Whether it’s a home or a shop, there is only one address, so the website also has only one domain name. The domain name is also the brand name for your website, so the easier the domain name is to remember, the easier it will be for customers to remember your website.

Choose a good hosting to make a website

Hosting is a place where you store everything on your website. If the domain name is like a house address, then hosting will be like the land on which you build a house. Currently there are many hosting on the market that you can choose from.

Currently, hosting providers provide 3 popular types of hosting as follows:

  • Shared hosting: on a server, the provider will divide into many hosting accounts and sell them to many different people. That means you have to share server resources such as CPU, RAM, etc. with many other people. Like you rent a room in a shared room. The advantage is ease of use.
  • VPS hosting: Virtual Private Server is a form of virtual server. You almost own the server (actually still share but limited), have full control to install or configure everything. It’s like you rent an entire house. The downside is that the management is a bit complicated.
  • Dedicated Server: you own your own real physical server, don’t share it with anyone. You are responsible for management and configuration from AZ. Like you rent a whole house. Rent will be high.

Install theme interface for web design selling with WordPress

Usually a newly installed website will look very rudimentary and not make much impression on customers. Therefore, you need to add an interface for the website to have impressive colors as well as an easy-to-see layout so that customers have the feeling of wanting to buy products on your website.

How to add an interface to the website is not too difficult, with only 5 minutes, you can add the interface yourself, after installing the interface, you can install a number of additional applications to be on the website to have a interact with customers and rich in features.

Install the necessary plugins for the website

If you want to diversify the functionality of your website, then you have no choice but to install a plugin. When you install the plugin, you will get some of the following features for your website: Increase website loading speed faster. , reduce image size to make your website faster then block comments

A point to note when following the instructions for making a sales website with wordpress is that when in the initial stage of creating a website, you absolutely should not install too many plugins because with cheap hosting like above, plus installing a lot of plugins. Plugins will make your website very heavy, leading to very long page loads.

Therefore, you should only install the most basic plugins at the initial stage of setting up your sales website such as: creating a cache to speed up the loading of your sales website. Reduce image size without losing quality and monitor website traffic.

There are some basic plugins that are often required such as:

  • Yoast SEO: SEO support for the website
  • WP Super Cache: create cache to increase website speed
  • Contact form 7: create contact form

Note that installing more plugins will slow down your website speed, so you should consider only installing plugins that are absolutely necessary.

Simple post to WordPress website

After completing all the steps on how to make a sales website with wordpress above, you have a complete website and can post your first article on your sales website. However, at this time, your sales website does not have the feature of shopping cart, posting products, then checkout and many other items, you need to install Woocommerce for your sales website.

This is a plugin to install sales feature for WordPress. Once you have installed the Woocommerce plugin on your website, by default you will have a product page without knowing any programming or anything, but just one small move and you will have a very professional product display page.

Web design for sales with WordPress
Web design for sales with WordPress

Semtek’s WordPress sales web design service

  • No1 Secure VPS Service | Uptime 99.99%
  • Highly configurable VPS with high stability & security
  • Easy to use even without IT knowledge
  • Stable speed, 32Gbit bandwidth, strong synchronization infrastructure
  • 24/7 technical support for the system
  • VPS SSD uses 100% Intel Enterprise SSD technology and supports anti-DdoS

Exceptional speed

Using 100% SSD Enterprise hard drive brings a different experience in data processing query speed

Data Protection

Data will be backed up on a weekly basis to ensure the highest level of data safety

Free Trial

Experience Cloud VPS SSD for free within 07 days before deciding to use the service

Consulting team

Experience the difference with customer service from a professional and friendly consulting team

Easy upgrade

The system allows upgrading and expanding CPU, RAM, SSD resources immediately during use

Operating system

Actively choose many operating systems with different versions depending on usage needs


Built and designed according to the N+1 mechanism, enhancing stability and ensuring 99.5% uptime

Management tools

The management interface is designed with a simple and intuitive style for users

When designing a sales website at SEMTEK, you will receive a full package of advice from choosing a domain, consulting on designing sales web interface and professional management functions, developing strategies for website promotion and searching. source customers. Besides, you also participate in the process of monitoring the completion of the website design, adding comments in each design stage to ensure the most perfect product. Your website will be designed with the interface in mind. Beautiful interface, easy to use, standard SEO web design but also fast page loading speed.

Choosing a good sales website design unit not only creates a professional sales website, affirms the brand for business people, but also provides great support in promoting products and services to increase sales. Let SEMTEK accompany you in sales.


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