What does the brand identity kit include? What is the role?

In the 4.0 era, businesses talk to the public like an individual with a clear personality and message. Thus, the brand identity set was born. The brand identity is evenly spread across the customer touch points. Associated with media campaigns and image building strategies. So what does the brand identity set include?

What is the brand identity? What does the brand identity set include?

Brand identity is the unique image that pops up in the minds of customers when it comes to your brand. The brand identity set expresses the company’s identity through images, by using symbols and words such as: name, logo, slogan, color, capacity profile, etc.

Every design in the brand identity needs to be designed in a synchronous and consistent manner to bring the best effect.

The role of brand identity

The brand identity set is the image that represents the business and the brand to the customers. For customers, the feature of the logo or slogan will be the things that make them remember your brand and make your brand more dominant in their mind.

The next role of the brand identity is to create trust and stimulate customers’ desire to own products. Through conveying the message, the product value is emotional (professionalism, difference, class, ..) and rational (beautiful design, good quality, ..).

A quality brand identity will be an inspiration for creative ideas for advertising. It has great contribution value in spreading the brand image more widely, promoting sales, creating brand value, and bringing high profits to businesses. What does the brand identity set include?

The importance of brand identity

Increase brand value

This is the direct impact of building a complete brand identity, making it easier for customers to recognize the brand, increasing market coverage compared to other brands, increasing the value other opportunities from boosting sales, improving position in the eyes of investors.

Increase brand awareness with customers

This is the most basic element of building a complete brand identity. Usually, the customer’s experience with a new brand is the business name, logo, industry. This information, if provided accurately and creates trust with customers, will be a very good first impression so that the business is always the first choice.

Create a competitive advantage in the market

For businesses that pay high attention to their brand image, they will be a good shaping factor in the eyes of customers when competing with the same product with other businesses in the market.

Create customer loyalty and shared values

Identifying and evaluating a brand will build trust and gradually form loyal customers. Businesses often share common values ​​with customers from emotional touch points, this loyalty will last over time and even pass on to the next generations of customers.

What does the brand identity set include?
What does the brand identity set include?

Promote sales What does the brand identity set include?

This is the most important and core part of the brand identity used to increase sales of one or more targeted products in the marketing campaigns of the business. However, this is also very difficult to measure directly because it is influenced by other factors such as customer behavior or market impact.

Leverage to launch new products

With emphasis from the existing brand identity printed with the new products, this also attracts new customers who are also looking for similar functional product lines. This will also reduce the costs incurred in the process of announcing new products, bypassing the cumbersome steps and providing information directly about the products from the business that customers are interested in. high

What does the brand identity set include?

To answer the question “What does a brand identity include”, below is a list of all the complete components of a brand identity that will help your business create a seamless set of graphics. circuit for business. However, you may not need everything on the list below. Depending on the nature and size of the business and products and services to choose the most suitable identity.

The staff is very familiar with the collection
The staff is very familiar with the collection

Usually, a business will use only one main Logo, but sometimes it is also necessary to have alternate versions to use in different situations. For example, manufacturers’ circular logos may be too small to shrink and difficult to read, so a landscape version will be used instead.

Or with Survey Monkey, they just use the green version of the logo on a white background. When the background is any other color, they will use the white version.

  • Main logo
  • Alternative color logos
  • Horizontal logo
  • Vertical logo
  • Square logo
  • Black and white logo
  • Gray logo

Stationery Branding What does the brand identity set include?

The look and shape of any corporate office supplies should also match your logo style. For example, if your business is catering to senior attorneys, your brand identity needs to reflect a trustworthy, professional style. On the contrary, if your target market is young families looking for fun and wanting experience, adventure, the appropriate style would be: dynamic, bright and fun.

  • Business card
  • Letterheads
  • Thank you note
  • Newsletter header & footer
  • Email signature
  • Stamp
  • Quotation / Invoice

Social Media (Social Media)

From colors, styles and fonts, businesses need to be consistent across all platforms. Among them is social media with millions of users and seeing your brand every day. To ensure quality cover and profile images on all social media platforms, design and comply with each required social media sizes. Don’t use a single image that applies to all platforms. What does the brand identity set include?

  • Facebook page cover photo
  • Profile picture on Facebook
  • Profile picture on Instagram
  • Twitter header photo
  • Profile photo on Twitter
  • Pinterest profile picture
  • Image showing on Pinterest
  • Cover photo of Google+
  • Profile picture on Google+
  • YouTube channel cover photo
  • Profile picture on YouTube
  • LinkedIn Wallpaper
  • LinkedIn profile picture
  • LinkedIn logo
  • Cover photo on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn banner photo
  • Tumblr profile picture

Image content

Not only each post, each photo the business publishes also needs to be associated with the style of the business. Set a mood for your brand, and every time you post on any platform, refer to the image you post with a mood board and ask yourself if the image matches the other images on it. . If not, you may need to edit the image or choose a different image. What does the brand identity set include?

  • Photos posted on Instagram
  • Blog post image
  • Photos on Facebook
  • Pictures on Twitter
  • Photos, videos on YouTube
  • Pinterest Pin Size
  • Image shared on Google+
  • Tumblr photo posts
What does the brand identity set include?
What does the brand identity set include?

Website Graphics What does the brand identity set include?

  • Sidebar title (sidebar)
  • Sidebar link (sidebar)
  • Banners
  • Avatar image of blog post
  • Pictures of categories
  • Icons on social media

Products/services, Content Marketing and other assets

  • eBook case
  • Infographics
  • Catalog/Lookbook
  • Brochures / Flyers
  • Online Advertising
  • Offline advertising
  • Goodie Bags (bags containing gifts and promotional materials given out at a conference, exhibition or similar event)

Other items What does the brand identity set include?

  • Packaging
  • Box
  • Bag
  • Card
  • Stickers
  • Labels
  • Envelope

In addition to the elements in the brand identity set mentioned above, other items you should have ready-made in your library of ready-to-use graphics on your brand include:

  • Background color
  • Textures
  • Icons (Icon)
  • Illustrating images
  • The style guide specifies the color and font style to use

If your brand has a “light, bright, colorful and fun” personality, your customers will want to see a playful expression on display every time they visit your website or social media page. The graphics you design and the images you use make up a visual part of the brand identity you’re delivering. If you then suddenly post content that runs counter to your brand identity or is of poor quality, the level of trust your customers have in you will begin to decline.

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