What happens when sales and marketing go wrong? [Tìm kiếm]

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Take a look at some of the mindsets and see if they sound familiar to you.

[Marketing Team POV]

Your team creates some excellent content and executes campaigns accordingly… potential customers will appear. The group of leads taken into that abyss is the Sales Team, where you assume they took great care of turning them into customers (How could they not?! In fact, you delivered them on a car silver discs!) Only to find out nothing has become of them.

[Sales Team POV]

Marketing generates leads from some arbitrary piece of content and delivers them to you with the expectation that you magically turn them into revenue. Meanwhile, these leads are completely unqualified and a lot of time is wasted trying to nurture people who are not a good fit for your services.

If these lookouts sound familiar, you’re not alone. These issues are extremely common among B2Bs that work with sales and marketing teams across different pages (according to our research, the more than two thirds among those surveyed).

But what is really Threatened by these businesses that lack this sales and marketing link?

(I’ll give you a hint, it’s not just a little team play.)

3 Biggest Wins and Losses in Sales & Marketing Affiliates

Convince & Convert comes to us here at Ascend2 hopes to uncover exactly what is going on when businesses fail to align sales and marketing. By surveying 346 sales and marketing professionals, we were able to gain insight into what’s working, what’s not, and what makes each group tick.

Here are the highlights of the study but to get the full picture, download the whole thing Playbook Aligning Sales and Marketing here .

Markup #1 (and this is a big one!): Organizations that operate with fully integrated sales and marketing teams report that they have achieved significantly more success from their efforts.

Half (50%) of all respondents reporting having a fully integrated sales and marketing team said they are successful in achieving strategic goals. Compare this with only a third (33%) of all other respondents who reported that they were not integrated at all or only partially integrated.

So whatever those strategic goals may be, we can safely say they impact the bottom line. And when those goals are harder to achieve as a result of misaligned sales and marketing efforts, I would call it a loss.

Mark #2: Collaboration becomes easier when goals are linked.

When testing the same segment of respondents reporting working with fully integrated sales and marketing teams, we found that 97% reported to some extent easy to work with other groups. In fact, more than three-quarters (77%) of this group said Collaboration is super easy compared with simply 28% among those who were not fully aligned.

Effective collaboration is a natural biological product of teams working towards the same goal. When the parts work against each other, consider it a loss for all.

Mark #3: Organizations need to be organized when measuring performance.

When asked how their organization manages success metrics, about half (48%) of all respondents said that sales and marketing share responsibility for managing metrics. success number. Interestingly, however, marketers say they have more control over success metrics, including sales team metrics. Sales says it has more control over success metrics, including marketing team metrics.

When the sales and marketing teams don’t run the same page about who manages these metrics, everyone loses. Both teams are in the dark about the other’s performance, which makes it harder to optimize the customer journey. And as these areas suffer, so does the bottom line of the organization.

So how do we promote alignment for mutual benefit?

Well, let’s start with what’s stopping sales and marketing from aligning.

Both teams agree that lack of time, resources and an overall strategy are the most important barriers preventing alignment. The good news is that all of these challenges can be solved through better collaboration and communication between teams. When sales and marketing work toward the same strategic goal, less time is wasted and efficiency emerges.

Start by strategizing together. Share a common goal. Make sure both groups are represented in terms of the customer journey and the generated buyer persona. Track shared KPIs. Collaborate on client communication and content.

Continuous strengthening communication and understanding . Encourage team building by coordinating offices, organizing cross-departmental training sessions, and establishing ways for each team to gain insight into the other’s day-to-day operations.

By breaking down silos, the sales and marketing teams both come out on top.

Convince and Convert Sales and Marketing Alignment eBook

Download Full Report

Ascend2 evaluate the performance of marketing strategies, tactics, and the technology that drives them using online questionnaires and the proprietary 3-Minute Survey format.

Survey responses were collected from 87 B2B sales and marketing professionals in September 2021. 184 respondents identified as part of a sales team within their organization and 162 respondents were identified as part of the marketing team within their organization. Respondents were recruited from Convince & Convert and Ascend2 email subscribers, LinkedIn, and a research team of business professionals.

Number of employees

More than 500 16%

50 to 500 32%

Less than 50 52%

Main role

Owner / Partner / Grant 48%

Vice President / Director / Director thirty first%

Non-manager expert 21%

Link group

Sell 53%

Marketing 47%


By Nguyen Manh Cuong

Nguyen Manh Cuong is the author and founder of the nguyendiep blog. With over 14 years of experience in Online Marketing, he now runs a number of successful websites, and occasionally shares his experience & knowledge on this blog.

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