What important features should a restaurant website have?

Restaurant website design is one of the solutions to help restaurants and eateries attract more customers every day. This will help your restaurant become more professional in the eyes of diners and also enhance your brand value in this field.

Restaurant website features

Home page

The homepage is the first page displayed when customers visit your website. Provides general information about submodules. Therefore, restaurant website design needs to focus on beautiful, scientific, and aesthetically pleasing interface and homepage layout.

Some requirements when designing the homepage:

  • Beautiful interface, scientific and clear presentation layout
  • Banners, slide effects, restaurant logos
  • Arrange the menu of the list of pages in the website reasonably
  • Clear images, videos, fonts, font colors, appropriate font sizes
  • Statistics: Number of visitors, number of people online
  • Manage and arrange the latest and most attractive news, events, dishes, promotions

Introduction of the restaurant website

This section helps you better describe your restaurant. Vision, development mission and information such as typical achievements, scale, history, introduction of chefs, industry awards, etc. are included in the introduction page.

In this page, the website needs to be designed with appropriate features: general introduction, organization chart, achievements, services provided by the restaurant, etc. In addition, the content should be prepared. Well-groomed, words have the power to convey the value of the restaurant to score points with viewers and the media.

The introductory module helps viewers get enough information to better understand the restaurant. Easily get the necessary information about the size, experience, achievements, staff, chefs, culinary awards, ….

Some presentation management features:

  • General introduction
  • Achievements – awards, certificates of merit, certificates,…
  • Organization chart, restaurant system, staff system, chef
  • Contact information
  • Service/Reservation/Menu


The menu is the core element of the culinary business. The food served at the restaurant is now infused with technology. Online menus on the web need to be designed according to a logical structure from appetizers, main courses, desserts, drink quizzes, etc., so that diners can easily choose.

Images of dishes must be beautiful, stimulating viewers to want to try and be forced to go to the restaurant to order.

And it would be better if the information about costs, details of dishes, etc. were always displayed on the web, customers would be easier to find and impressed with the restaurant. Let’s integrate the ordering feature, quick table reservation right on the menu to immediately close the order when diners want.

The menu module is one of the important features of a restaurant website. Here, customers can explore and learn all the dishes and drinks of the restaurant.

Menu module management features:

  • Arrange menu items: Drinks, appetizers, main dishes, desserts
  • Display dishes: Pictures, videos, gifs
  • Cost
  • Book
  • Contact
dental website
dental website


This is a page that displays “all” information related to the restaurant including relevant social news boards, content of promotions, upcoming events, recruitment information, review sections. Review price…

Transparency and honesty in information transmission will automatically bring business efficiency. You don’t need to “cram” or “promise” too much about how good your restaurant is, let customers find out for themselves. And your job is just to bring the true information appear in their eyes.

The news module helps customers easily find out information about the restaurant, the restaurant with its menus/services, thereby increasing trust in the restaurant.

Features of news site:

  • Program of events
  • Restaurant news
  • Promotional news
  • Recruitment
  • Comment feature: allows posting comments on news.
  • Sharing news on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. helps bring more efficiency.

Reservations – Book a table

Online ordering is a more modern and trending feature. The development of technology causes the consumption behavior in eating and drinking activities to change. Diners now not only want to eat at the restaurant, they also want to order takeout. The SEO standard restaurant web design will integrate this function.

In addition, the restaurant can assist diners with effective time management. Thanks to the function of reservation and order in advance, diners will not have to wait too long while hungry, the user experience is enhanced. This is also a very effective restaurant management method, minimizing the number of customers coming at the same time, causing overload.

An extremely important feature of the restaurant is the table reservation module, restaurant reservation on the website. This is a way for customers to order food, reserve a table in advance or bring it to their place according to From registration.

Features of the reservation page, reservation:

  • From registration:
  • Reservation contact information: Hotline, email, address
  • Google maps (if available)

Photo page – video about the restaurant

These are all photos and videos of the food, the actual space, the impressive activities of the diners when dining, the chefs, the staff in the restaurant, the activities outside the community.

The module records all images or videos about:

  • Dish
  • Restaurant space
  • Photos, videos of customers, staff, chefs of the restaurant
  • Other photos of the restaurant’s activities.

The contact page of the restaurant website

The contact page is all the information that customers can contact the restaurant. It can be a specific address, hotline number, email address, GPS location, other social sites… They will help customers gain more trust and easily interact with the shop when needed.

Incorporating registration forms or email addresses, hotlines, call-to-action buttons to help customers order food will be essential on this page.

The function of the contact module is to provide information to make it more convenient for customers to contact the restaurant when they need to buy food, book a table, use services or cooperate, etc. At the same time, it provides tool for customers/viewers to submit online requests.

Some essential information:

  • Basic information: Restaurant name, address, phone, email, fax, bank account, ..
  • Form fill in contact information
  • Google maps (if available)

Effective SEO optimization

Optimizing SEO when designing a website for a restaurant will increase the ranking that appears on the Google search results page. If your restaurant website is in the top position, the reach and traffic rate of users will be higher. Therefore, this is an essential element that helps a lot in getting closer to potential customers.

Undeniable benefits when designing a restaurant website

Reach customers faster

According to Nielsen research, 69% of people decide to shop after consulting the Internet. So if you invest in designing a restaurant website, what will happen?

Customers now just need to type the name of your store, the name of the food or drink you provide on the search, and they can immediately find your store among hundreds of thousands of different stores. This will have a positive effect on the business of the restaurant as a large number of people find out information and then make a decision to come to your restaurant to enjoy the food.

Therefore, choosing a restaurant website as a place to reach customers, surely the business of the store you own will achieve extremely significant efficiency.

Promote the restaurant’s professional image

Designing a website for a restaurant means that you can update the news and images of the restaurant’s dishes and drinks closer to customers, helping customers have the most overview of your restaurant. Friend.

Having a professional brand image is very important, it can be the image of the food, the form of service, the store space, etc. it will convey to customers and attract customers to come. with your restaurant. Invest in eye-catching photos and attractive layouts, it will be the fastest way to reach customers when they visit your restaurant website. Customers after viewing will understand more information about your restaurant, see delicious food, beautiful space and dedicated service, they will feel the meticulousness and professionalism of the restaurant, the trust of customers. they will also be more on your side.

Most importantly, restaurant website design has contributed somewhat to help you increase the brand value of your restaurant to a new position in the culinary field in general and in the hearts of customers in particular.

The process of booking a table on a customer’s restaurant website is simpler

There are many ways to book a table at restaurants today, for example: calling the restaurant, booking a table via social networks, booking a table through the website, etc.

With the development of technology, the method of booking a table through the website is a new method for all customers, just a few simple steps right at the restaurant’s website can successfully book a table and be confirmed by the restaurant. fast.

It can be seen that, when designing a restaurant website, you can bring a modern method of booking a table – easy for customers and above all, you will not miss any table orders when the system is always updated. regular reporting.

Thanks to this customer’s table reservation, you can know the time frame that the customer wants to come, the desired seating position, the number of people that the guest goes with, .. should be more attentive and professional

dental website
dental website

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dental website
dental website


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