What is 0 dong marketing? 10 effective ways to market 0 dong

marketing 0 dong

You need to learn about marketing 0 dong? Marketing 0 dong is a trend that marketers apply thoroughly on all free resources. All entertainment channels, marketing and communication can advertise 0 dong. In the following article, we will help you learn more about Marketing 0 VND to increase the best sales opportunities in 2022.

What is 0 dong marketing?

Zero-Cost Marketing is also known by the English term Zero Cost Marketing. With this form, the seller will take advantage of all his available resources without spending any money on advertising.

Sellers will take advantage of available resources such as social networks, websites, large e-commerce sites. These network environments will have a lot of users, fast access and no cost.

For individuals selling online, small and medium-sized businesses, and start-ups, marketing 0 dong is extremely important. Online community, users of social applications will help you spread the best brand and products.

marketing 0 dong
marketing 0 dong

10 ways to market 0 dong surprisingly effective

Here are 10 ways Marketing 0 dong is used by a lot of people. Find out and make the most of these resources for your sales and customer search services. Make sure your revenue will increase quickly, spreading good brand from these 0 dong Marketing strategies.

1. Using Facebook

Most Vietnamese people who are using smartphones today use Facebook. Especially, they are online at least from 6 to 8 hours a day. Some personal Facebook accounts are almost online 24/7. Therefore, selling through Facebook channel is the most effective form of marketing 0 dong today.

You can sell goods by creating your own personal Facebook and selling on this personal page. Or you can create Facebook Groups to market your products, items and services. In order for consumers to easily track products/services, they can create more community Fanpages.

Other personal Facebook accounts will have strong interactions. This interaction will resonate with other Facebook users. As long as they like, share, comment on your post, a lot of people will know it. This Online Marketing service is completely free of any fees.

2. Marketing 0 delta Instagram

Instagram also has a lot of active people. Marketing 0 dong on Instagram is highly appreciated. By posting shimmering, luxurious images and trending Hashtags, you will receive great interaction.

3. Do 0 dong marketing on e-commerce sites

Currently, Vietnam’s major e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Sendo, and Tiki are fertile ground for individuals to sell online. You will get these e-commerce sites marketing for free. Selling through these e-commerce platforms is having a huge amount of traffic. You just need to research e-commerce sites that are suitable for the product or service line you are providing to register for a booth and sell it.

4. Sales on Youtube channel

Making YouTube videos introducing products, product reviews will attract a lot of followers. Currently, this entertainment channel has up to 120 million viewers. Marketing 0 dong on Youtube with attractive videos will help customers be more impressed with your products/services. Especially when users are tending to search for information by video, voice, images instead of reading documents like today.

marketing 0 dong
marketing 0 dong

5. Cross Marketing Tactics

Marketing 0 delta strategy Cross marketing is to make invitations to cooperate with other units to conduct Marketing together. For example, selling your product A will receive a 50% discount on the product B of the partner you are cooperating with or vice versa. This will help both sales units reap benefits for themselves.

6. Leverage Email Marketing Potential

Create Landing Pages to collect customer information. Or search for customer emails through other forms. Then proceed to send emails with personalized advertising content for each individual. Users will feel that businesses and individuals are understanding their needs. Especially not feeling bothered. Customers will not hesitate to access the product/service links you attach in emails.

7. Create unique slogans

Unique slogans can create trends in the online community. Many people buy products and services just because of these impressive slogans. You should invest in research and write an impressive slogan.

8. Build a professional sales website

Marketing campaign do not forget to build your professional sales website. The product images should be updated continuously. Create more articles related to the product you offer.

Specially designed features to connect to social networks easily on the website. Just invest in content and images, embed Youtube videos on your articles, you will get great interaction. During the current epidemic period, buying online and learning about products through the website is more selective.

9. Marketing 0 dong via zalo

The Zalo platform is also considered an impressive zero-dong Marketing environment. Although it has been around for a long time, it is highly appreciated. In Vietnam, the number of Zalo users is very large. You should not ignore the 0 dong Marketing on Zalo. It’s both free and highly effective for your sales strategies.

10. Marketing 0 VND on TikTok entertainment channel

Born late after giving birth compared to other entertainment channels, but Tiktok became a global phenomenon. Through short videos, lively content. Beautiful effects, good background music has attracted millions of people to join and use. Many people have come from Tik Tok to learn about the products that Tik Tokers are using. The newest, most attractive 0-dong Marketing channel and still shows no sign of cooling down.

Principles to pay attention to when marketing 0 VND

For successful marketing of 0 dong, you should pay attention to the golden rules below:

  • Always proofread your content before posting. Make sure to use the right language for your target audience. Make sure the layout is beautiful, the sentences are attractive, and there are absolutely no typos.
  • Find ways to increase engagement on your posts. Please encourage users to like, comment and share to receive attractive promotions. Just one person like, comment and share can have tens, hundreds of people know your article.
  • Research the right time to post on entertainment channels. Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube all researched the ideal time to post.
  • There should be regular articles on the 0 dong marketing that you choose.
  • Don’t forget to make a mark on your personal brand. This is how you create your own value for users to recognize you in the next appearance.
  • Clear information, towards community values. Regularly posting will make a good impression.
marketing 0 dong

Marketing 0 dong is not difficult. As long as you have skills in words, choose unique images. Build impressive videos and choose the ideal posting times. Let’s learn about 10 ways of Marketing 0 dong that we shared above and implement in the near future. Wish you increase interaction, increase customers and revenue from 0 dong Marketing campaigns.

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