What is a marketing director? Marketing Director job description template

What is a marketing director?

Chief Marketing Officer – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) – a position that is considered an extremely important position in the development of modern businesses, directly deciding the long-term and short-term development of the business. . And in order to have the right strategy and implement it methodically to bring growth to the business, it is necessary to have a talented and intelligent person to run and lead the marketing department of the business – that is. marketing manager. So what is CMO – Marketing Director? Find out more about this location with us!

What is a marketing director?

CMO is the English acronym for Chief Marketing Officer – a position that is considered very important in the development of modern businesses. Marketing director is a senior management position in a company, responsible for marketing matters and reports directly to the chief executive officer – CEO. This article will share with readers 2 job description templates that are closest to the jobs of most CMOs today.

What is a marketing director?
What is a marketing director?

Sample 1 What is the job description of a Marketing Director?

More specifically and clearly about the work of a chief marketing officer can follow below:

1. Job Description

What is a marketing director? As an important position, great authority, high responsibility. All activities of the marketing department are managed by the marketing director (CMO), from product and brand promotion activities, business and commercial support activities to internal communication activities.

2. Responsibility

Sometimes the position of CMO and CEO is compared to a pair of identical cards, inseparable to emphasize the need for a marketing director in today’s businesses. What are the responsibilities of the Chief marketing officer in a business? Together with 123job, the main points include:

  • Planning marketing strategies for the business
  • Set the marketing budget and be responsible for allocating the budget for the activities within the assigned scope.
  • Develop marketing plans and solutions to achieve business goals – business policies
  • Responsible for developing and implementing research and development programs as well as training and training in enterprises
  • Collaborate with other senior leaders to come up with specific policies for customers.
  • Managing the relationship between business and customers
  • Identify customer requirements and provide solutions that meet customer needs.
  • Report monthly on the implementation of strategies and activities of the entire marketing department
  • Reporting on activities within the scope of responsibility for the company’s finance department.
  • Responsible for all activities of the marketing department, in terms of personnel as well as operational efficiency
  • Perform authorized work in the absence of the director

3. Authority What is a Marketing Manager?

A business hiring a marketing director means finding a position that can hold the following powers:

  • Rights on personnel matters: Chief marketing officer has the right to reward and increase salary for marketing department staff (Marketing department head needs approval from the general director)
  • The right in matters of mobilizing resources from other departments: The marketing director has the right to request the directors, in charge of sales or the heads of related departments to jointly implement the goals and policies that have been approved. approve. At the same time, other departments can ask other departments to issue ad-hoc reports when necessary and sign and approve reports on business performance within their expertise.
  • Authority on issues related to administrative documents: signing and approving business plan documents, decisions, regulations on operation and management within the scope of marketing expertise.
  • Financial authority: the marketing director (CMO) has the right to review and approve financial expenditures for business operations on the basis of norms and general plans approved by the general director. .

4. Authorization report

A chief marketing officer under one person per ten thousand people, you are responsible for reporting to the executive director – CEO of the business and can authorize the marketing department to carry out his work when you are not present. At the company.

5. Eligibility Criteria

Marketing director recruitment companies have very high requirements because this position plays an extremely important role in the short-term and long-term development of the company, helping the company to operate smoothly internally and develop the company. expand into the market. Criteria for applying for the position of Chief marketing officer usually include the following criteria:

  • University graduate, intermediate political level or higher.
  • Specialization: Marketing expertise, with extensive knowledge of operating and managing business and marketing activities in the business. Understand current legal issues related to business activities.
  • About skills: Ability to organize, lead and operate; skills in formulating plans, tactics and strategies for business development in the short, medium and long term; Develop regulations on drafting administrative documents on corporate governance; command and control the implementation of plans; financial skills; the ability to summarize and evaluate the quality of business activities; skills in market research, updating and applying innovation; be able to fluently use at least 1 foreign language; diplomacy and excellent behavior.
  • About experience: most marketing director recruiters require at least 5 years of professional marketing experience and at least 3 years of business management experience.

6. What is a set of interview questions for marketing directors?

Candidates for the position of chief marketing officer – Chief marketing officer (CMO) can refer to the following set of interview questions:

  • What do you usually do to update your knowledge and experience in the marketing industry?
  • Based on the knowledge you have about our business, can you identify our biggest competitors? In what aspects are we weaker than them and what makes us stand out from our competitors in the market?
  • In your opinion, what are the most potential customers of the current ABC product? If it were you, how would you reach this audience with your vast combat experience?
  • Tell me about a campaign you’ve run that you consider the most successful?
  • Is there a campaign you’ve run that you consider a failure in your marketing career?
  • How do you allocate your marketing budget?
  • What marketing metrics are you most interested in in a campaign? How do you measure and use them?
  • How do you control campaigns that require coordination between different specialized departments?

Questions are asked by employers to assess your professional ability, judgment and management ability to find the most talented and suitable person for the business. Recruiting a marketing director is not just about finding the best person, it must be the person who best suits the conditions and spirit of the business.

Sample 2 job description of Marketing Director

In addition to the CMO description sample above, readers can refer to the following sample marketing director job descriptions:

1. Job Description

What is a marketing director? What is a Chief Marketing Officer? Being the person who builds, plans, and markets marketing strategies in line with the company’s business goals and vision; Responsible for all marketing activities within the company.

What is a marketing director?
What is a marketing director?

2. What are the main duties of a Marketing Director?

What is the main job of a Chief marketing officer?

  • Is to find and develop a team of core marketing specialists for the company’s marketing department
  • Working with the production manager, distribution director, executive director, etc. to agree on a strategy in line with business and marketing goals.
  • Participating in the development of internal marketing plans for each department and company.
  • Is to constantly monitor market trends to guide the company’s marketing activities
  • To supervise the implementation of marketing plans of the departments
  • And build a network of partners, maintain customer relationships.

3. Job KPI

The performance of a marketing director (CMO) is measured and evaluated through specific numbers, usually KPIs for a Chief marketing officer will include:

  • % contribution of marketing department to total revenue
  • ROI (Return on investment – ratio of profit to investment costs)
  • CPL (Cost per lead – cost per lead)
  • CLV Index (Customer Lifetime Value – Customer Lifetime Value)
  • Lead-to-Customer Conversion Rate
  • Campaign goal completion rate
  • Branding indicators (brand awareness)

4. Powers

A Chief marketing officer has the power to decide on all marketing-related issues in the business. From administrative activities, human resources, finance,…

5. Job Requirements

What are the requirements to recruit a chief marketing officer – Chief marketing officer?

  • Firstly, you need to have experience as a marketing director or similar positions. Professional marketing knowledge and spread across areas from branding to distribution, products, etc. University graduate majoring in business administration, communication, marketing or similar fields,…
  • Market research skills, data analysis of a marketing director are very important besides the requirement to understand the industry and business activities. CMO needs to have interpersonal communication skills along with creative breakthrough thinking and analytical mind.

6. Relevant Competencies

What is a marketing director? The following competencies are sure to impress marketing manager recruiters if you possess:

  • Marketing Specialization
  • Knowledge of the business field
  • Communication skills
  • Relationship management skills
  • Conflict management skills
  • Team building and development skills
  • Proficient in at least 1 foreign language
  • Sharp mind
  • Progressive spirit
  • Creative capacity and innovation

7. CMO interview questions

The creative director recruitment questionnaire can be found in the description form No. 1

Where to find CMO marketing director jobs?

Marketing director is an attractive position with high income, development opportunities and many benefits. Most of the marketing director positions are experienced people who have been with the business for a long time and have been promoted. However, there are also businesses that recruit this position outside to recruit talent.

You can easily search for recruitment information for the position of CMO marketing director at TopCV website. This is one of the leading reputable recruitment websites in Vietnam with many recruitment notices of large and small businesses. Not only stopping at providing recruitment information, TopCV also brings you many job vacancies for senior management positions. Including the CMO marketing director. You can also create online CV right on TopCV and apply for jobs quickly.

What is a marketing director?
What is a marketing director?

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