What is a media plan? How to plan effective communication

What is a media plan?

To increase brand awareness to the public, businesses need to build an effective communication plan. What is a media plan? The Complete Media Planning Guide. Learn how to create an effective communication plan for Marketing with experts in the following content.

What is a media plan?

What is a media plan? A communications plan is a policy-based approach to delivering information to business stakeholders, a formal plan that defines who will deliver specific information, which information will be communicated to the public. how it is sent to the communication channel and the communication channel will be authorized to use such information. An effective communication plan will predict what information will be sent to specific audiences, determining who will have the authority to communicate that confidential information. In addition, media planning should carefully determine what media stakeholders will use to appeal to specific audience groups.

An emergency communications plan should address the ways both electronic and non-electronic communication channels should be used to disseminate information in a communication strategy. When your business wants to introduce a new product or service to customers, you need to have a clear communication plan because this will be an essential tool for businesses to convey messages on communication channels. and attract the attention of many customers.

What is a media plan?
What is a media plan?

Why media planning?

Perfect communication planning will help you know what specific things you need to do, minimize possible incidents, avoid waste and redundancy of human resources, etc. Communication strategy. In particular, communication planning will help businesses evaluate the effectiveness of the plan so that it can be applied in the next communication strategies and Marketing campaigns.

A media plan is judged by its effectiveness, the detail it provides and the media planning also plays a huge role in the communication strategy as follows:

– The communication plan indicates the communication strategy to be implemented, indicating the goals and how to achieve the objectives of the communication strategy. Without a clear communication plan with defined communication channels, the communication plan will fail and the desired communication strategy will not be easily achieved.

Communication planning helps businesses easily predict what may happen when implementing a communication strategy and find appropriate response solutions.

– Creating a detailed communication plan with a defined communication channel, the business will establish the criteria to test the effectiveness of the communication strategy.

What is a media plan? 8 steps to create an effective communication plan

What is a media plan? To fully understand the media plan, you need to understand the 8 steps of setting up an effective communication plan below:

What is a media plan?
What is a media plan?

Step 1: Conduct an overview analysis using the SWOT model

The overview analysis is an important step that directly affects the communication direction of the business. This direction is through specific analysis of factors that can affect the effectiveness of communication enterprises.

You can use useful tools like the SWOT model. SW will show you the internal strengths and weaknesses of the business while OT will be the external panorama showing the evolution of the event.

Step 2: What is the media plan? Selecting a communication target

Traditional goal selection is the way you deal with your own needs and wants. Therefore, before building a communication plan, businesses need to detail a specific goal to ensure that the following steps will always be operated towards the completion of the goal.

Step 3: Identify the target audience

The target audience is an indispensable list in the steps of building a business’s communication plan. Through this, you can come up with messages and solutions to increase the effectiveness of communication and reach customers in the best way.

You need to find out in detail the target audience that you are targeting, explain why you choose that audience so that marketers can sketch out the customer’s portrait and behavior easily, clearly and truthfully. real.

Step 4: Determine the message to communicate

The main message is what you need to talk about before doing communication to answer the customer’s question, why should they care or buy the product mentioned in the business’s communication plan?

Therefore, you definitely have to understand the needs of your customers to come up with an impactful message and the ability to motivate customers to take action.

Step 5: What is the media plan? Communication Design

To be able to design a complete communication set, businesses need to understand 3 key factors including:

  • Message strategy
  • creative strategy
  • Message source.

Step 6: Select communication channel

Choice of communication channels in each type, each type of plan is completely different. It is for that reason that you should consider choosing a communication method carefully and appropriately to make effective communication. You can choose from a number of channels such as newspapers, television, social networks, ..

Step 7: Determine Budget and Communication Tactics

One of the most important and central parts of the media plan is defining the budget and the communication strategy.

Therefore, businesses should set up in detail 2 to 3 strategies for the target audience with each detailed content inside as well as specific costs for each job in the plan.

Step 8: What is the media plan? Performance measurement and reporting

As an important step, businesses need to measure performance and report back so that the actual amount of work in the plan has been completed.

Based on that, the enterprise can make an assessment of the effectiveness of the plan and take appropriate measures to adjust and handle the strategy because not all plans are capable of bringing about effective results. according to your expectations.

What are the tips for having a media plan?

Whether your campaign is to introduce a brand new product or just an extension of an existing product line, the following tips will guide you to success.

What is a media plan?
What is a media plan?

Know all the information related to new products

All relevant information and features of products and services you need to know in detail. You must be an expert on your product and know more than your competitors.

From there, you can put yourself in the customer’s shoes to answer questions before a new product that they have no information about.

Accurate and concise product description

Not everyone wants to hear you introduce, advertise new products, time only allows you to tell them one sentence, will they immediately understand what you are marketing?

Is it a product, a service, a tool or a solution…? You need to find a noun and be as specific as possible.

You first need to identify that noun, write down a specific description, then shorten the sentence and discuss it with the staff in the product development department.

Build a beautiful, clear and sharp picture system

What is a media plan? The image system used in the entire campaign must strongly reflect your product/service and brand.

If your product is an extension of an existing product line, make sure that all promotional data is appropriate for your business’s current image system.

This helps the target audience see the consistency of your products and services in all promotional data throughout the entire communication campaign.

Looking for creativity

The promotion and marketing of new products and services need to be as innovative as your new product itself. To impress the target audience you need a big idea, a concept, a theme or an unexpected image.

What is a media plan?
What is a media plan?

Build a marketing plan on many different channels

In fact, an effective communication campaign is not just a single announcement but must be carried out on many different channels such as television, radio waves, newspapers, on the internet, direct marketing, organizations. events, sales promotion, employee communication, trade shows, etc.

If you do not have a marketing plan on many different channels, the pleasant surprises you want to create with your new product will be like a small wave on the surface of a large lake.

Bind the message

After identifying all marketing channels to launch new products and services, to avoid unsystematic promotion. You should start with a big idea and then support it with three to five key messages.

Let’s start the communication campaign with the action chain: announcement >> introduction >> attraction >> impact.

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