What is advertising law? What are the characteristics of Vietnam’s advertising law?

What is advertising law?  What are the characteristics of Vietnam's advertising law?

Business needs to understand the law and so does advertising. Are the marketer, you need to understand and understand the law of advertising to avoid unfortunate situations. So what is advertising law? What are the characteristics of Vietnam’s advertising law? Let’s find out together!

What is advertising law?

Advertising is a form of business communication with customers. Through marketing communication campaigns, products/services will come closer to target customers. As a result, the number of sales will increase and the business will have an increase in revenue and profit.

Thus, it can be understood that advertising plays an important role. We need to conduct advertising effectively by understanding the latest advertising laws and regulations. This is one of the enterprise laws that the Vietnamese government and state laws promulgate regarding information communication activities on the mass media and communication tools.

For example, it will specify cases where advertising is not allowed, brands are prohibited from advertising on TV, print media such as OOH marketing forms such as billboards, billboards, leaflets… Prohibited but still deliberately implemented will be severely punished by Vietnamese law.

advertisement Law
advertisement Law

What products/services are banned from advertising?

In the 2012 law, the Vietnamese government clearly states that related products and categories will not be allowed to carry out advertising and mass communication activities. A good understanding of the advertising law will help businesses have more appropriate marketing strategies to avoid unnecessary litigation. Below is a list of prohibited products under Vietnamese law 2012:

  • The Law on Advertising prohibits the conduct of advertising activities for products, goods and services that are prohibited under the provisions of French law in Vietnam, such as products such as drugs, services such as prostitution, prostitution, etc.
  • Cigarettes are also banned from advertising under the advertising law 2012.
  • Alcohol products with alcohol content higher than 15 degrees.
  • Sensitive products and goods with aphrodisiac properties in humans.
  • Prescription or prescription drugs are not recommended for use without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Dangerous weapon products such as guns, bullets, bombs, phoenixes, etc. threaten human life and cause unsafety to social order.

Prohibited acts under Vietnam’s Advertising Law

Prohibited acts are clearly stated in the advertising law 16/2012/QH13 dated June 21, 2012. You can consider these decrees to guide the law in the right way to make the right plans. in your marketing plan. Specifically:

Firstly, in Article 7 of this Law 2012, it is clearly stated that advertising of prohibited products and goods (as mentioned above) will be prohibited from performing advertising activities. Advertising forms related to information about state secrets, false information about history, and national sovereignty will be subject to appropriate penalties in accordance with the Law of Vietnam.

Second, advertisements with content that disrupt social safety and adversely affect the national image are not allowed. For the issue of racism, religion, advertising forms from traditional advertising to advertising through Digital Marketing or online advertising are not mentioned, causing ethnic disunity.

Third, in terms of advertising content, advertisements that are misleading or mislead people about products that bring dangerous harm are not allowed. In the case of a registered trademark where a product uses that brand name to advertise, it will be easily denounced.

And the law is only able to protect the parties that have registered their business and registered to protect intellectual property rights. Therefore, your brand’s products and services, whether in any field from IT, software, insurance, banking, information technology programming… you should consider registering to be protected by law.

What should businesses pay attention to in the law when implementing an advertising campaign?

From branding activities to implementing marketing campaigns or communicating brands and products, it is necessary to pay attention to the law to have the right orientation. Here are the things businesses need to keep in mind when implementing an advertising campaign:

advertisement Law

1. Banner advertising

For banner ads, you need to understand about the locations and locations that are allowed to place ads. Specifically, OOH outdoor billboards are not allowed to cover traffic light signs. When placing billboards, they must ensure safety and certainty. is 15 days maximum.

2. Advertising screen

Advertising Law 2012 in article 28 clearly states the law related to advertising screens. Accordingly, you need to comply with outdoor laws such as outdoor advertising will not use sound to avoid distracting traffic participants. You can convey promotional messages related to products, services, messages about work and life with animation without sound without breaking the law.

3. Advertising on means of transport

Nowadays, means of transport are considered as an effective form of mobile advertising in the marketing strategy of businesses. In this form, advertising messages can be brought to many places, many places and reach many people. The 2018 Law deals with advertising activities on media as follows:

  • For advertising buses, taxis, etc., advertising products must not exceed 50% of the area on each side of that vehicle.
  • The display of advertising information about the brand identity needs to strictly comply with traffic safety regulations.
advertisement Law

4. Advertise with loudspeakers

Loudspeakers were a popular form of advertising in previous years. This form is becoming less common these days. However, you can absolutely see some brands appear on loudspeakers. Some rules you need to pay attention to:

  • About the sound level: the loudspeaker must not be too loud to affect people’s lives.
  • About advertising placement: Loudspeakers are not allowed in military locations, office buildings, schools, etc.
  • Regarding the use of vehicles: the inner city vehicles of the city, the mobile vehicles are not allowed to carry out this form.

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