What is an advertising script? How to write a detailed advertising script

advertising script

Script is the first stage of film and video production. Whether you want to edit a long, short film or just a promotional video of a few tens of seconds, the script is still very important. The following article will share tips for writing simple advertising scripts for you.

What is the product advertising script?

Product scripts are a confident vehicle and the best way for an organization to tell a compelling story about our sales in a short amount of time.

The immediate result of the product advertising script is to create a copy of the product or service to serve to create advertising clips with information that attracts viewers and leads to the desired action.

A promotional video is usually 15-30 seconds in length. Therefore, a great advertising script needs to be short and concise, but still ensure outstanding information.

advertising script
advertising script

How to write an advertisement movie script

After understanding the value of the script, next we will learn how to write a commercial movie script

1. Plan your scenario

First, you need to have a basic idea for the ad copy you want to create. Failure at the scripting stage can lead to unexpected costs. If you encounter any difficulties at this stage, you can easily adjust, change, and even start from scratch. However, if those changes need to be made after the video has been recorded, like illustrated, animated, or recorded by a voiceover artist, some additional costs may apply.

You should answer a few short questions before you start writing the script. They are “right and wrong” questions that uncover what you need to think about when writing a screenplay. By pinpointing the right information at a short stage, the screenwriting process becomes a kind of structured exercise in which you’ll identify the most impactful, impactful points in your commercial. me.

Your questions should include:

  • What is the ad about?
  • Who is the audience?
  • Where will advertising be used?
  • What are the key messages to be achieved?
  • What visual style you want to apply to your ad (this will help you visualize the action on screen.)
  • What narrative style should this ad use? (this will help determine the tone and language of the voices used in the video)

If you find it difficult and don’t know where to start, this simple scripting formula can help. Of course, no commercials are exactly the same, but this classic recipe can be reused over and over again.

  • a. Audience/Problem – Start by identifying a “pain point” (the customer’s real need with your product or service) to showcase and find a solution to the problem. What does it mean? Why should the product be in the lives of the target audience? How does the product retain them?
  • b. Solution – Introduce your product or service and briefly explain how to solve the problem.
  • c. Benefits & USPs – Go through 3-4 key benefits and USPs that help differentiate your product or service from the competition.
  • d. Call to Action (CTA) – You need to give your audience a ‘signpost’ to take them to the next step in your sales journey. Phone numbers, website addresses, email addresses, and anything else you think might be relevant to ensure the viewer takes further action.

2. The shorter the better

We all know that, when we’re passionate about something, it’s easy to talk about it. And not only that – we’ll talk about those in great detail.

But that’s not a good thing when writing a promotional script! You will struggle to fit all the benefits of your product or service into your ad.

Particularly for promotional content like explainer videos or video ads, you’ll have to fight for your audience’s attention.

The chart below from Wistia illustrates audience abandonment when watching a promotional video. There’s an exceptional drop after just 2 minutes, so we definitely never recommend creating an ad longer than that, except in exceptional circumstances, such as at an event where the audience will must watch all your videos.

3. Create eye-catching scenes

There are many different ways to create a great video. But whether it’s live action or animation, one thing is always true: it needs to be eye-catching. Today, everything has to be beautiful. And you can be sure, if it doesn’t catch the eye, then the viewer will have the wrong perception of your brand.

4. Bring in fun elements

Adding a little fun to your script can make all the difference. Basically, you have to remember that viewers don’t need to see your ad. A boring, bland video can push your potential customers thousands of miles away. There are thousands of other things that grab their attention and let them invest their time. So give it some serious thought – a funny, entertaining ad will make them rewind over and over again.

advertising script
advertising script

5. Read the script out loud

You don’t want your ad to sound like you’re reading a list or bullet points. Then read your script loud and clear and pay attention to the intonation to make sure this doesn’t happen. Also, this process will allow you to identify which scenes need improvement.

It may feel awkward to read your script out loud, but this is the best way to ensure that each scene’s duration is accurate, meaningful, and runs smoothly.

6. Call to Action

Followers to the end of your ad are extremely valuable. It’s clear that they are interested in what you have to say – and it’s extremely important that you drive them to the right place for the product/service.

That’s why we always recommend ending your ads with a clear call to action. You should let it appear at the end of the video and stay on the screen for a few seconds for maximum effect.

Some notes to have a good product advertising script

In addition to the above, to have a product advertising script we need

Review the company’s mission – top advertising script templates

Every product the company makes reflects its culture and fulfills its mission. The same goes for marketing communications. Make sure that the content you convey in the marketing communication script does not distort or go against the company’s mission.

Research industry competitors

Competitors are those who bring similar products and services to you to the same customer base. By tracking their behavior and the audience’s frustrations, you can have a more specific and optimized orientation for your ad products. Learning and improving is essential no matter what you do.

Chat with your audience

While making things easy to understand is essential, to achieve a concise, concise product you definitely need more “drafts” than you think. Be smart and write all your ideas on paper. The next step, you and your teammates choose the most feasible options because “there is no best, only better”.

One recipe for producing impressive work from those drafts is to focus on emotional words and compelling introductory lines. Make sure the copy mentions why the ad was written and what the company wants to achieve.

A few notes when writing advertising scripts

In order to have the best quality advertising script, it is not only by planning and content for the script that you need to grasp a few essential notes below:

  • Short is the main key

It’s crucial to keep our video ads short – around 60 seconds is ideal – as this helps keep shoppers’ attention. A long non-essential clip will likely cause shoppers to skip and skim it. You may feel like you need to include all of your products in your video, but my advice is to stick to the 40/60 rule.

This rule states that you spend 40% of your time talking about your best products and services, and another 60% talking about your business and telling a compelling story to engage their customers. ta.

advertising script
advertising script
  • Start with “Who?” And “What?”

Right from the beginning of the promotional clip, you need to clearly define who you are and what your goods are. Whoever clicks on the video is looking for something, and you have to let them know they’ve come to the right place. You also have the possibility to place the message, the message of the video, in the first 30 seconds; just have to summarize it in one sentence and put it in. Our customers will know what they need to do.

  • The speed of the appropriate marketing communication clip

The average human can speak 200-250 words a minute in casual conversation, but in a clip it’s better to create gaps and speak at a medium and clear speed. It is advisable to keep the dialogue between 125-150 words a minute or less.

Pay attention when writing video scripts that let shoppers be able to understand and feel, don’t let the story happen too quickly and quickly, our shoppers will feel disappointed.

  • End with a call to action

One of the best product promotion rules is that the clip must include a clear call to action. Don’t assume your customers will know what to do by the end of your promotional video.

You have to tell the viewer what to do next. We can add some benefits or whatever you can do for the client. That will motivate the buyer or service to take action.

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