What is basic marketing? How to apply basic marketing?

What is basic marketing?

What is basic marketing? I present to you one more way to learn the very basics of marketing. I will explain each word in the concept of marketing so that you don’t have to memorize it but still understand simply what is the basic concept and nature of marketing? Let’s find out with SEMTEK!

What is basic marketing?

What is basic marketing? Marketing is a process of researching and understanding the needs of target customers. Thereby creating products and services to satisfy customers’ wants and requirements better than competitors through exchange.

Marketing is a process, not a job or a short-term action. It is done over a long period of time. Start with research to find out what your customers need, expect and can pay for. Then comes the actions.

What is the role of basic marketing?

Marketing is increasingly important in a fiercely competitive global economy. Fundamentals of marketing play an important role in establishing the relationship between the customer and the organization that supplies the market. It helps to satisfy customers with enterprise products through the process of marketing research, building and testing products based on customer needs and desires.

Thanks to the communication function carried out through advertising, PR, etc. Marketing also plays the role of providing information to customers, which is the basis of customer choice. In addition, basic marketing also plays a role in building brand image, bringing prestige and competitive strength to businesses. When marketing meets the needs of customers and closely follows the market, it will bring profits and increase revenue for businesses. Therefore, marketing plays a key role in determining the success of a business.

What is basic marketing?
What is basic marketing?

What is ingenuity and creativity when applying basic marketing?

Start with the message

Marketing basically involves communication between the seller and the buyer, the most favorable starting point for communication is the message. A clever message that showcases your company’s strengths will help customers care more and understand the unique values ​​that only your company has. Basic marketing through messages needs to target specific audiences, customer groups and show customers that competitors are not equal to your business. The message should be short and concise.

Identification marks on trademarks

Color and image are two things that make a brand. Marketing basically focuses on customers liking, satisfying and remembering your brand. The design is uncluttered and easy to remember. For example, the Tan Hiep Phat beverage brand with the Doctor Thanh Tea brand has impressed users through its trademark of transforming ships from human faces. That success comes from basic marketing.

Marketing tools in basic marketing

Gone are the days when businesses could only reach customers through books or boring newspapers. Customers now have dozens of things to consider every day, smartphones, ipads, notebooks and the Internet. Based on basic marketing principles, make them feel happy and satisfied when they learn about your business. Give them useful information and use it as an effective channel to gradually turn them into loyal customers.

For example, a taxi business can apply basic marketing principles by posting useful information about the street, updates on traffic jams on Facebook, so that customers visit their page more. more, increase interaction and ultimately service usage.

What are the basic marketing essentials?


A need is a customer’s sense of lack of something. For example feel cold, feel hungry, feel dangerous, feel lonely… From this shortage the customer needs a product. A certain service is satisfying to get rid of this feeling of inadequacy. Existence needs are available in each person and are arranged according to 5 levels of needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. You can learn more about this model on google.

Customers are the target

What is basic marketing? Every business always has limited capabilities. Therefore, it is not possible to satisfy all customers at the same time. Businesses must choose a group or a few groups of customers to focus on serving them. Thus, customers will be more satisfied. Customers who are better served will choose your product over an alternative.

The selection of this customer group is called target customer selection. By extension, understand that you have to choose a target market. Or when the market is too competitive, choose a segment to serve.

What is basic marketing?
What is basic marketing?

Customer’s wishes

Needs are something that everyone has, but wants reflect the uniqueness of each person will be different. For example, the same need is travel but the desire can be Fast, others want it to be safe, another person wants it to be cheap… The same need to eat but the desire can be to eat rice or eat. Pho or eat instant noodles.

What are the basic marketing requirements?

Is desirable but suitable for affordability. For example, the need to travel, the desire is fast, there are 2 options: take a plane or take a super-speed train. Those with a high ability to pay will have a requirement for an airplane and those with a lower ability to pay will choose to take the express train.

Always do better

Customers are increasingly demanding, more complex and constantly changing. So the most satisfying goal is the one that doesn’t exist. On the other hand, businesses operate for profit. They have to balance between the two things Satisfying Requirements and Corporate Profits. Therefore, businesses will choose the level that they will satisfy and profit to balance.


What is the origin of basic marketing? Through exchange is the origin of Marketing. Before even money appeared. Those who have higher exchange needs must do marketing. Marketers are not necessarily sellers.

For example, exclusive products such as electricity and water, you will see that users have to submit a registration application before they can buy and use them. Or like products with strong brands like Apple. Distributors like FPT have to bid to distribute Iphone in Vietnam.

How to apply basic marketing?

What is basic marketing? So how to apply basic marketing, see the steps below!

Start with the message

The most favorable starting point for any conversation or exchange is the message. And marketing is those communications. If the message you give is clever to show off your company’s strengths, it will help your customers want to pay more attention and be able to understand the unique and strange values ​​that only your company has.

Marketing is basically using messages to target specific groups of customers and audiences. And that message shows customers that your competition can’t be equal to your company. Marketing messages should be short and concise to be effective.

Identification marks on trademarks

A successful basic marketing campaign is getting customers to remember and enjoy your brand. Image and color are two things that make up a unique brand. Remember, the design should not be too cumbersome, but especially easy to remember. For example, the brand name of Doctor Thanh tea has made a strong impression on users with the brand’s variation from a man’s face. This is the success of basic marketing.

What is basic marketing?
What is basic marketing?

Marketing tools

The 4.0 technology era has gone too far from boring newspapers or daily TV programs. Because your customers have more things to pay attention to such as the internet, smartphones, notebooks, etc. Based on basic marketing principles, you should make them excited and satisfied when learning about your product or business. . By giving a lot of useful information, turning your channel into an effective information channel, customers will certainly feel more and more trustworthy.

For example, a taxi service company can apply basic marketing principles by updating useful information about roads, traffic jams, directions on smartphones, etc. This helps customers. visit your site more to search for information, pull up the interaction and eventually use the service you provide.

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