What is Google Marketing? Channels to make Google Marketing effective

google marketing

To introduce your products and services to internet users, there are currently 2 marketing channels that you cannot ignore. That’s Google and Facebook. And in the framework of this article, we share with you about Google Marketing. Or consult, or if you are interested in a business, check out the quotation of outsourced marketing services.

With almost everyone using Google search, and almost everyone regularly accessing and using products, services, or websites belonging to the Google display network. Then you almost have countless choices about how to advertise your products and services.

Along with Facebook Marketing, Google Marketing helps you find and exploit many different marketing methods. This is the basis for you to be able to do business and make an effective brand.

google marketing
google marketing

Advantages and disadvantages of Google Marketing


  • • High efficiency: Google marketing supports accurate customer access, ensures order conversion rate.
  • • Low cost: If compared with other marketing channels, Google Marketing does not require too high costs. Sometimes there is no cost with the top keyword seo technique of Google.
  • • The ability to spread: Along with Facebook, Google is also considered a place to spread advertising messages extremely strongly.
  • • Simple: You don’t need to be someone with too much knowledge or skills, you can still deploy marketing campaigns on Google.
  • • Reaching customers: Google marketing is better than Facebook in that in addition to reaching customers actively, sometimes you can passively reach the exact same customers with Google Adwords.
  • • Target desired target customers: Depending on the target customer file, you can still use the targeting support from Google to direct ads to this customer file.


  • • High competition: Many stores and businesses are choosing Google as a marketing channel. So when participating, you need to determine the competition with many of the above competitors.
  • • Harder advertising policy: Because more and more advertisers run ads in a way that circumvents the law, Google is increasingly tightening its advertising policies.
  • • Understand the essence of marketing: To be able to do effective Google marketing, you need to understand the nature of marketing. Otherwise, your chances of success will be low.

Which product/service is best for google marketing?

To be able to answer this question yourself, you need to solve the question of your own Marketing Mindset. Because once you have a marketing mindset, no matter what product or service you have, you can still market on Google.

Then you need to define:

  • • Who is your target customer?
  • • What makes your product / service different from the rest?
  • • Have you identified your customer insights?

For example: When you sell high-end fashion items, what makes customers buy from you? Is it: Beautiful, eye-catching, classy, ​​high price doesn’t matter.

Of course, there will be specific products and services. And the customer file of this product on Google is small. Then you can combine Google Marketing with other complementary marketing channels such as Facebook, Zalo, Youtube . .

Example: You use Google Marketing to bring customers to your website. But on this first visit, the customer doesn’t make a purchase. You can then combine Facebook remarketing and remarketing with these customers on Facebook. Then the chances of converting orders from ads will be high.

Channels to make Google Marketing effective

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a form of search advertising on keywords. This is a way of marketing to reach passive customers but is extremely accurate on Google.

Specifically, you just need to set up an adwords ad campaign with the target keywords that your customers often search for. When the ad is clicked, the customer will be directed to the landing page of your choice.

Example: Setup 1 advertising campaign for translation machine products.

Keywords: Interpreting machine, interpreting machine, language translation machine.

Landing page: Category link, product detail link or homepage.

At that time, customers they search from “interpreter” adwords ad will display, they click on the ad, then the landing page. At this landing page, you can convince customers to buy with product information, policies

With specific actions such as: Fill in the form, send information, call . . .

google marketing
google marketing

Google GDN

GDN is a form of advertising displayed on the website system of the Google display network. Unlike Adwords, this is a proactive approach to customers. And the banner ads that you often see on news sites, the information is most likely to be GDN Google ads.

With GDN advertising, you just need to prepare a set of banners, landing pages and deploy the display network target campaign. Ads will be distributed on websites in the form of banners or text, distributed according to context, keywords, topics or fields. . .

Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing is exactly the same as Google GDN. But it’s just the place where the ad is distributed. Remarketing distributes based on people who have visited your website.

This is a direct approach to customers though. But target extremely accurately target customers because people who have visited the web are most likely your potential customers.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is similar to Adwords in that it will also show up on the Google search page. But it will be different in:

– Display position: Google Shopping ads display right below the search bar, or the right column of the search results.

Advertising content: including images, product names, store names, prices.

The highlight of Shopping ads is that the ads display a lot of information, high click-through rates and conversions. This is also an extremely effective form of advertising to support sales on Google.

Google adsense

Google Adsense is an advertising network developed by Google with the goal of:

– Support advertisers, businesses pay to display ads.

– Support content creators to make money from the content they create.

Thus, it can be said that Google Adsense is a connection for advertisers to pay, Google to distribute and content creators to receive money from advertising.

Thanks to adsense, if you are an advertiser, you will have many choices with websites for you to display ads. And content creators can make money from the value they create. Google is in the middle, delivering ads, getting paid, and sharing the ad profits with its content partners.

Which businesses is Google Marketing suitable for?

Marketing activities in Vietnam have made many breakthroughs in the past 10 years, especially the typical online marketing methods of Google. While many businesses operating with the B2C model (selling to individuals) have quickly adapted and changed to keep up with this trend, B2B businesses (selling to other businesses) are quite different. slow down the conversion. In fact, big businesses in the world, whether B2C or B2B models, have changed their marketing methods to Google Marketing and earned hundreds, even trillions.

google marketing
google marketing

According to the general assessment, Google Marketing is almost suitable for all businesses, regardless of model or form or field. Therefore, B2B businesses in our country are also perfectly suitable if they deploy marketing activities based on Google’s platforms and methods. Many important things now, is a change of mindset, model and application to the whole. It can be clearly seen that Google is giving Marketers a lot of “power”.

Everything users want is here, when they want to buy a certain product, everything starts and ends here. More importantly, Google Marketing Platform also allows sharing of detailed information for users’ systems. So the management of information, sharing, and evaluating marketing effectiveness on this platform can be shared across all positions and departments in the business.

Should you do Google Marketing or not?

Most objectively, one of the reasons why many B2B businesses in Vietnam do not apply Google Marketing methods is because of their fear of change. There are also many businesses that used to apply, but then only stopped for a while. There are many reasons, but precisely because the effect is not achieved as expected. This is because in the implementation process, it was too stereotyped to follow the model of other businesses or did not understand well how Google’s marketing works.

This also poses a huge concern for many businesses, which is whether to do Google Marketing or not? You may not know, Google Marketing is currently considered one of the most “divine” forms of marketing today that should not be missed. So, with this question, most of the answers for you will be DOES. However, not everyone who does Google Marketing is equally effective and successful. Therefore, before embarking on implementing campaigns through this tool platform, you need to answer the following questions:

• Who is your target customer?
• How is your product/service different from other competitors?
• Have you identified your customer insights?
• Have you firmly grasped Google’s marketing policies and methods?

This is considered basic marketing thinking on Google so you can start applying these distinct methods. If you can answer these questions, then any product or service can apply Google Marketing features. At the same time, businesses can completely target the right target customer group, increase marketing efficiency, and can better monitor and control the campaign. A more important aspect is that Google Marketing will surely grow even more in this 4.0 digital age.

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