What is interactive marketing? Popular types of interactive marketing

What is interactive marketing?  Popular types of interactive marketing

With the advancement of technology, the popularity of the Internet, social networking platforms have created a big change for Interactive marketing. In fact, today there are many businesses that apply Interactive marketing and consider this an extremely effective tool indispensable. So what exactly is Interactive marketing? What benefits does interactive marketing bring to businesses? What is the solution for businesses when applying Interactive marketing? Follow the article below to learn more about what Interactive marketing is!

What is interactive marketing?

Interactive marketing is the process of using marketing methods to create interactions with customers in the form of one-on-one and focus on their individual activities.

This form allows businesses to create multi-dimensional information channels for the purpose of connecting with customers. Interactive marketing platform is built mainly on Digital channels. And especially developed on the Social Media system.

The role of Interactive marketing in the 4.0 era

Along with the development of the 4.0 technology era, of the Internet and social networking sites, Interactive marketing plays an even more important role and becomes an indispensable tool for marketing businesses.

Interactive marketing has proven its important role through communication channels such as: Website, email, SMS, google… Using interactive marketing tools will have more advantages than traditional marketing. Interactive marketing helps businesses save more costs, increase sales. In addition, Interactive marketing also plays an important role in connecting customers with businesses.

Benefits of using interactive marketing

Understanding what interactive marketing is, let’s learn about the benefits of using it. Interactive marketing offers the following benefits:

  • Interactive marketing helps businesses save a large amount of money when doing business, increase sales, and develop businesses.
  • Play an important role in reaching and delivering information to customers. It is an important bridge to connect businesses with customers.
  • Help businesses save customer information when using marketing on Social channels.
  • Yes, other strategies such as promoting the brand, writing content will become more complete and complete.

Popular types of interactive marketing

To better understand what interactive marketing is, you need to understand its basic forms that Bizfly shares below.

interactive marketing
interactive marketing

Interactive Storytelling

This is a form of interactive marketing based on developing and spreading attractive and interesting stories with customers directly or indirectly to be able to introduce products and businesses’ brands.

The more interesting and unique the story, the more customers will be interested in and know your brand more.

Personalized Content

This is a type of interactive marketing that aims to personalize content, behavior, interests and needs of customers. For Personalized Content to work effectively, you need to search and collect multiple data sources, customer information and guess what they need.

From there, provide suitable and effective solutions. You need to capture and understand deeply about demographics, geographic data, customer life information… to be able to bring customers the most enjoyable experiences.

Two way Interactive

This type of interaction is two-way and is considered a central part of interactive marketing with customers.

In order for interactive marketing to work effectively, businesses often organize programs, contests, quizzes, watching live with gifts on social networking sites for the purpose of pulling interaction and improving customer experience. participating contest.

There are 4 hierarchical levels that represent the two-way interaction as follows:

  • Low engagement: Counted by likes, clicks on attached links, clicks the follow button.
  • Average level of interaction: Shown through comments, comments.
  • High level of interaction: Calculated by the number of shares, recommendation.
  • Level of conversion: Click the button to subscribe to buy the product.

Based on this two-way interaction, businesses can survey and measure customer satisfaction through the Customer Stafiction Score (CSAT).

Layered Info

Layered Info is a popular form of interactive marketing that attracts and intrigues customers. You should create and stratify your information into different information layers when posting blogs that share information about your products and brands.

This is considered a great outreach activity that not only helps customers capture information broken down by lines. Besides, the curiosity to learn deeply and clearly the information of this activity will bring you a large number of customers.

Some notes when using interactive marketing

Below are a few tips when using interactive marketing that you need to pay attention to.

Thorough behavioral research

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to want customers to choose to buy and trust your product. Therefore, researching and understanding behavior will help businesses come up with effective solutions to motivate customers to make purchasing decisions.

In addition, a thorough study of consumer behavior when doing interactive marketing will help businesses succeed in business.

Take advantage of customers’ attention

Usually, customers will pay little attention to lengthy, rambling articles and advertisements. Therefore, when building content on interactive marketing, you need to summarize and simplify the content to get their attention.

The simpler the content, the easier it is to understand, and the more focused it will be on the customer’s mind. This is one of the best tips that many businesses apply when learning and using interactive marketing.

Provide useful products

The use of good products, quality services will elevate your brand. Therefore, in order to gain the prestige and trust of consumers, you need to provide good products and services that meet the needs and desires of customers.

Poor quality products should not be marketed. As this may cause consumers to boycott your brand.

interactive marketing
interactive marketing

Building digital marketing channels

Building digital marketing channels is the way to deploy an effective interactive marketing campaign.

Social networks develop rapidly, which is a condition for businesses to access potential customers through building digital marketing channels.

Channels like social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, website, blog… are popular digital marketing channels to bring consumers closer to your brand.

Expressed in many different forms

One of the secrets to helping businesses deploy interactive marketing campaigns to retain long-term customers is to present content in many different forms.

In addition to using videos, you can use multimedia client images, customer polls to easily understand their needs.

Get creative and try different ways. It will certainly bring effective marketing to your business.

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