What is ISP? Is it possible to connect to the internet without an ISP?


The Internet is a network of billions of computers and different electronic devices that are connected to each other, when there is access to the internet, everyone can search for any information, communicate with others from anywhere in the world. all over the world. That’s called an ISP, so what exactly is an ISP and can you access the internet without an ISP? This article will help you better understand ISP.


Isp provides users with access to the internet

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  1. What is ISP?

ISP is an acronym for Internet Service Provider is a company that provides individuals and organizations with access to the internet and related services.

Without an ISP, you won’t be able to shop online, access Facebook or other sites. ISPs grant users access to networks containing devices, allowing users to establish an Internet connection.

What is the responsibility of the ISP, is to make sure you can access the Internet, route traffic, resolve domain names, and maintain the network infrastructure.

While the core function of an ISP is to provide Internet access, many ISPs do much more than that. ISPs also provide a variety of services from web hosting, domain name registration to email services.

  1. How ISPs work

The ISP will be connected to one or more high-speed internet lines. Larger ISPs have high-speed dedicated leased lines, so they are less dependent on telecommunications services and can provide better service to their customers.


Isp plays an important role, without Isp you will not be able to access the internet

What is an ISP, is to keep thousands of servers in data centers, the number of servers depends on their internet service area. These large data centers manage all customer traffic.

ISPs are grouped into the following three levels:

ISP level 1: What are ISPs, have the largest global reach and have enough physical network to carry most of the traffic on their own. They also negotiate with other tier 1 networks to allow free traffic to pass through to other tier 1 providers. Tier 1 ISPs typically sell network access to Tier 2 ISPs.

ISP level 2: What are ISPs, are they with regional or national reach, and are service providers that connect tier 1 and tier 3 ISPs. They have to purchase access to larger tier 1 networks, but are peer-to-peer networks with other tier-2 ISPs. Tier 2 networks focus on consumer and commercial customers.

ISP level 3: What are ISPs, is to connect customers to the internet using another ISP’s network. Tier 3 ISPs use and pay higher level ISPs for access to internet services. They focus on providing internet access to local businesses and the consumer market.

  1. ISP’s Internet Services

3.1 Internet services provided by ISP:

  • Cable: ISP provided service using coax cable (similar type of television cable). Low-latency cable Internet is suitable for users who need less latency or lag. The cable has download speeds of 10 to 500 Mbps and upload speeds of 5 to 50 Mbps.
  • Fiber: What is an ISP, fiber optic ISP uses fiber optic cable to transmit data, providing much faster speeds than cable or digital subscriber line DSL.
  • DSL: DSL connects users to the internet using a phone line. Although DSL is widely available, broadband connections are gradually replacing with more reliable levels such as cable and fiber. DSL is slower and offers download speeds of 5 to 35 Mbps and upload speeds of 1 to 10 Mbps. If your connection is in an area far from the city and those who mainly surf the web or stream TV on a single device, this is the right choice.
  • Satellite: Earth stations relay internet data in the form of radio waves to and from satellites capable of in low Earth orbit and to further ground stations. The network is slower, with download speeds of 12 to 100 Mbps and upload speeds of 3 Mbps, but it’s a good choice for users in remote areas.

3.2 How to choose ISP

Based on the location and needs that users can choose the right ISP, here are some factors:

  • Wave covering area: What is an ISP, ISP provides global network access in any location but users living in rural areas, may have limited options.

Isp provides services related to domain names, email

  • Types of services offered: Besides cable, fiber, DSL or satellite, what is an ISP? Do you provide online security? Free email access? Hosting for websites? What about mesh Wi-Fi? Ask questions to make sure your ISP’s services match the needs of your users.
  • Download and upload speeds: If users play online games or work from home and use video conferencing. Both require different levels of service. For example, at least 25 Mbps bandwidth to stream 4K video.
  • Pricing: Users have to understand what an ISP is, is there a bundle of services like internet, phone and TV, and if so, will combining services save money? Are there any data limits? What about equipment costs? Is there a contract?
  • Rating of consumer satisfaction: Test different sources, prioritizing fair review sources to rank suppliers.

So what is an ISP, without an ISP you will not be able to access the internet, unless you have internet access through another ISP. Organizations that need a backup Internet connection can back up their use from a mobile service provider or connect a secondary ISP to another provider. If you are a household that wants to use the internet or loses connection, you should use their mobile phone to continue working or as a mobile “hotspot”.

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