What is marketing automation? Marketing automation benefits

What is marketing automation?

What are the benefits of marketing automation for businesses?

Increase Conversion Rate and Improve Marketing ROI

Marketing Automation brings success to businesses. According to research from Salesforce, the application of a Marketing Automation system helps:

  • 27% increase in leads
  • 30% increase in lead conversion rate
  • Up to 25% improvement in Marketing ROI

Another study from Nucleus Research also shows that Marketing Automation drives 14.5% revenue efficiency and reduces Marketing costs 12.2%.

Besides automating lead nurturing processes, marketing automation software can also help you build a clear and objective process throughout the customer journey. From there, helping businesses automatically identify when customers have needs and send this information to the sales team, increasing conversion rates.

Through analytics, marketing automation can help businesses optimize the performance of their sales and marketing teams; as well as measure the effectiveness of touch points and understand the effectiveness of campaigns.

By automating all processes, including reporting, businesses can calculate costs more accurately and improve their marketing ROI.

What is marketing automation?
What is marketing automation?

Reach and nurture leads automatically

Thanks to data collected automatically through channels from emails, websites, apps, etc., marketing automation can provide a bigger and more detailed picture of customer behavior, helping you to understand the needs of customers. their insight and where they are in the buying journey.

From there, marketing automation software can help you identify leads and automate these customer nurturing processes to prepare them for future sales.

Without Marketing Automation, you will have to do everything manually: from taking notes, consulting, calling to sending mail, running ads on each channel from website, facebook to e-commerce sites like shopee, lazada… With Marketing Automation, all you need to do is make a specific plan, and the system will automatically do it for you.

Optimizing Marketing Campaigns

In order for customers to feel their care, businesses need to make efforts to care and interact regularly through:

  • email
  • SMS messages
  • program to accumulate points, happy birthday

Thanks to Marketing Automation, Marketers will avoid risks such as sending the same email, posting the same post, sending the wrong email at the wrong time, with the wrong product… Imagine what would happen if a brand wished you a happy birthday on the 9th. /08 while your birthday is on 09/8?

From the insights gathered, businesses can develop the right content for each stage of the customer journey. After creating specific scenarios for each target group, Marketing Automation will automatically perform activities such as automatically setting up email chains, posting posts according to a pre-scheduled schedule, etc.

With Marketing Automation, businesses can meet their customers on many touch points with quality, effective messages, “right person, right time” without spending much time and effort.

What is marketing automation?
What is marketing automation?

Instantly coordinate multi-channel campaigns

More than 10 years ago, users interacted with an average of 2 touchpoints before deciding to buy a product. Today, that number is up to 6, and in some cases, users can experience 20 touch points in their buying journey.

To cover and ensure the brand is present on every touchpoint of customers, businesses need to advertise through many different channels such as: Email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Landing Page, Google Adwords, Kols, …

For businesses that do not apply Marketing Automation, promotion will become a nightmare when they have to manually update content on each channel.

What is marketing automation? In contrast, Marketing Automation uses technology to coordinate multi-channel campaigns. After scripting, the content will be automatically updated and businesses can monitor and measure the effectiveness of all channels easily.

The potential of Marketing Automation is also maximized when combined with a Customer Data Platform (CDP). Comprehensive, in-depth data from CDP’s 360-degree customer profiles will become great fuel for marketing automation tools. Marketing messages not only reach the right people at the right time, but also achieve a level of personalization 1:1, automatically, real-time, across all channels – something a Marketing Automation tool cannot do yet. Okay.

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