What is marketing concept? 3 marketing concept ideas not to be missed

What is a marketing concept?

Surely you are too familiar with the term Concept, right? It is mentioned a lot in the fields of activity especially in photography. But it is quite strange when it is mentioned especially to those who are new to marketing. Soon we will reveal to you what the Marketing concept is and how it is used in Marketing!

What is marketing concept?

What is marketing concept? Marketing concept is the direction of marketing ideas and scenarios aimed at customer needs. Marketing concept is the outer shell of the brand. Each business will choose for themselves a suitable outer shell, and from there use ideas and scenarios to design for that shell more beautiful.

A good marketing concept will include the following key elements: Timely – Appropriate and Clear.

The marketing concept focuses on the needs of the target market and aims to deliver more value than competitors.

What is the purpose of the Marketing concept?

The purpose of the marketing concept is to overcome and support the disadvantages of the selling concept, creating long-term target benefits for the business. For Concept in marketing is to create ideas, content, and forms of marketing in order to understand the needs of customers.

The result that the marketing concept has achieved is that it is easier to directly support the sales of the company and business. One of the important issues of the marketing concept is building a brand identity for the business.

Once the marketing concept is implemented effectively, it will make selling easier, thereby increasing sales significantly.

What is a marketing concept?
What is a marketing concept?

What is a marketing concept idea?

Start with a message

Marketing creates interaction, and interaction often starts with a message. Therefore, you should create a really valuable and inspirational message to your customers every time they buy a product/service.

Messages make things easier, and are received more quickly. Focus on what customers think, what customers need, what customers want, survey them and find their insight.

Example: The message of Lavie filtered water company is “Natural mineral water”.

Create a brand

Create a brand with a marketing concept through images, emoticons, sounds or colors and deliver promises to customers. Creating a unique attraction for a product, putting that product in the hearts of customers is a marketing concept that has never been easy.

For example, Coca-Cola has implemented this marketing concept very well, through impressing customers, when mentioning cocacola, people will immediately remember that it is a product associated with happiness.


Positioning is a marketing concept that helps position a product in the market. Positioning helps businesses identify their sales channels, competitors, and other essentials to better serve customers. For example, if an auto company is not targeting young families, it will advertise clearly that its cars are for singles, for middle-aged men. , to differentiate from competitors in the same industry.

Thus, you can imagine marketing concepts as the most important elements to serve the needs of customers, to target customers, and to benefit customers.

What is a marketing concept?
What is a marketing concept?

Differentiate Marketing concept and Selling concept

What is marketing concept? After knowing what Marketing Concept and Selling Concept are, to distinguish Marketing concept and Selling concept, you need to pay attention to the following 2 important characteristics:

First, the selling concept focuses on the needs of the seller while the marketing concept focuses on the needs of the buyer. In which, the seller’s need is only to sell as many products as possible, and the buyer’s need is not simply to buy goods, but to meet their needs through goods and products.

Second: the selling concept is concerned with the seller’s need to convert his product into cash. Marketing concept is concerned with the idea of ​​satisfying customer needs by means of product as a solution to customer problem or need, business profits are achieved on customer satisfaction.

3 marketing concept ideas that cannot be ignored

We often sit together to evaluate how this concept is, whether this concept is impressive. But when I let myself come up with a real concept and especially when it is applied to marketing activities, I don’t know where to start. If you are also in this situation, why not try starting with these 3 “expensive” ideas.

Start with a message

Are you in need of a marketing concept that will make a deep impression on your target customers? So let’s start with a message of real value, with the ability to greatly inspire the community. The message is considered an emotional bridge between the business and the customer. Every time they think, remember or search for your product or service, that message automatically creates an invisible connection.

Focus on what customers need, what they want, what they care about, etc. to build a message for the product – the brand. As a result, the message is not only to connect but also create interaction. You can see a lot of great brands to successfully craft impressive messages. Since then, they have established a marketing concept that could not be more resounding. Sometimes, the message is not words that are difficult to understand or too fancy, but it has to touch people’s feelings.

What is positioning marketing concept?

The next idea is that through positioning, it is a way for businesses to easily “locate” their products in the market. Thereby, gradually identify what are the effective sales channels, the factors that help to serve customers better. Even judging how competitors, they have nothing better and worse than you.

Your product or brand will not be recognized by customers if there is nothing outstanding. Especially with ads similar to people and houses, no matter how much you spend, the effect is difficult to achieve as expected. To be successful, you need to position your product as well as your brand. Each value offered needs to be studied and understood carefully.

What is a marketing concept?
What is a marketing concept?

Create a brand

What is marketing concept? Branding for a business’ product or service is always one of the “expensive” marketing concept ideas. With this idea, you can completely start from many different tools such as images, content, sound or simply emoticons. In order for your product or service to carry a prominent brand, it must create emotional levels for customers.

At the same time, in the process of building that emotion, it is also necessary to convey the promise to the customer. Typically when it comes to Hanvico bedding products, what do you mean by the slogan that cannot be more famous? Is it the comfort and assurance that come from the company’s quality products? So creating this brand will hit the emotional side a lot and more importantly it will affect the customer’s evaluation.

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