What is media sponsorship? Effective media sponsorship solution

media sponsorship

Communication is one of the activities that plays a key and important role in every event, program, etc. However, this work is still limited because it depends on many factors, especially the budget. Therefore, media sponsorship is an effective solution to help you reach customers, readers and audiences more quickly. In this article, we will learn what is Media Sponsorship? Effective media sponsorship solution!

What is media sponsorship?

Media sponsorship is a specialized term that refers to the activities of an electronic news website or a press to represent the information on their news page or website for a specific program or event of a brand. brand. If the two parties agree to an agreement, the media unit will send its own personnel and specialized team to work on the brand’s event/program. At this time, the media unit has the main task of transmitting information and news in the most accurate and fastest way within the allowed scope of the brand.

The specific form of media sponsorship depends on the requirements as well as the size of the brand. For the most part, the most common forms of media sponsorship are still writing advertisements and PR for exclusive brands to report on the sponsors’ pages.

Besides, some other forms can be video recording, graphic news design, etc. Regardless of the form, the task of media sponsorship is still to convey the brand’s message to the audience. audience.

media sponsorship
media sponsorship

Some optimal solutions to protect effective communication

Organizers of an event/program promoting a brand often have to plan to apply for sponsorship as well as media sponsorship. However, this is only a beginning stage to promote the strength of the brand, but the success of the event/program after that is a long way to go.

To optimize media sponsorship, brands need to optimize the remaining factors at the same time. Two factors co-exist and should be emphasized by brands in media sponsorship, which is to improve the quantity and quality of the content of the articles. Here are detailed solutions that readers can refer to:

Develop a clear writing and posting plan

When participating in a media sponsorship campaign, specifically, each unit needs to develop a strategy to write articles simultaneously for all employees in the department. Normally, news sites, newspapers, magazines, etc. will publish unlimited content after confirming sponsorship activities.

In addition to the articles that are named for the media such as news sites, newspapers, etc., published, in case the brand has additional advertising, PR needs, etc., you should also actively divide detailed tasks and articles. What to write with how much, the specific nature of the article for each employee. Next is the work of sending content to press units, news sites, etc. for them to support posting.

The best way to keep track is to share the specific writing schedule, individual requirements of each employee and send them to the sponsor for easier interaction.

media sponsorship
media sponsorship

Sponsor the media to provide useful content

With specifically strategic content, the effect from posting frequency is quite large. But readers always want access to quality content. Therefore, quantity alone is not enough, in order to attract readers, each content must be new, unique and useful.

In addition to transmitting the most up-to-date, useful, specific and accurate content about services/products or brand-related announcements on newspapers, news sites, etc. The creative role and in charge of the content of that article must be how to make the article in-depth, able to extract many angles that readers want, in order to attract their attention. trademark.

Don’t just publish content that doesn’t have anything special and publish it, the person responsible for this segment can do better thanks to the creation of article formats, such as:

  • Report Content: This is the type of article that helps to convey information about programs and events, announce developments throughout an event, before and after a media event ends.
  • Recap Content: This is a type of article with reporting content about the hottest and most prominent news of events/programs, reporting on sideline activities in the campaign to improve the coverage of the campaign. trademark.
  • Content Pictorials: This is a type of post that sets up content, mostly visual content. For example, content in the form of graphics, clip content or various dynamic and static images. It can be images recorded in events, programs, recorded clips, vivid and beautiful graphic sketches made by a specialized department of the brand. In the context of digitized information, traditional textual content is less popular with audiences than visual content.
  • Content in the form of Analysis: This is a system of general and specialized analytical articles about programs/events. These articles are mostly in the form of articles that give personal views and subjective judgments… To increase the attractiveness and persuasion, the experts in charge of writing articles will put themselves in the position of a good third party. exactly the staff, journalists, … research, research and analysis to bring the information to the readers in the most accurate way.
  • Interview content: Interview is also one of the most popular and effective types of articles. Article writers can conduct face-to-face interviews with sponsors, company CEOs, etc. or even audiences to get resources for writing articles.
media sponsorship
media sponsorship

Assign tasks to specialized personnel

A quality content often has to have a smooth combination of two factors: one is the visual part and the other is the writing part. These two stages take a lot of effort and time, requiring the writer to build a plan from the beginning so that he can arrange the implementation of each specific step in the most effective way.

To have a good article, each program, event, etc., the company should assign specific tasks to at least 2 to 3 full-time personnel to carry out these tasks.

Posting before a certain amount of time

Posting a week in advance is the best time to ensure the content can be posted at the right time. At this time, readers see more news, access more quickly and accurately news about the program/event.

To do this well, the company should follow a certain process. The first is to build content for the article, the second is to review the content, and the third is to send the content to the press unit. More specifically, it is necessary to determine who is in charge of content moderation and what specific moderation deadlines should be. The time limit for reviewing and editing articles is different for each press channel. So a week is an ideal time for you to post and interact with moderators.

media sponsorship
media sponsorship

Share on a variety of media sponsorship channels

Communication is effective or not depends largely on the virality of the article. A unique and useful content is often shared more, reaching more readers, especially in today’s powerful media landscape.

Businesses can take advantage of familiar relationships from personnel in the company to other relationships. They can be the face of your brand to spread content to readers more quickly.

No one can deny the role of media sponsorship in today’s developing digital age. In addition to understanding what media sponsorship is, businesses also need to find ways to take advantage, create relationships and link with media channels and press units in a harmonious way to achieve optimal results.

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