What is the Master Marketing Plan? Marketing planning steps

overall marketing plan

To have an effective Marketing campaign, you need to have an overall online marketing solution plan. You need to make a detailed overall marketing strategy plan (Plan). This will help you have a better overview of the direction and development of the business. At the same time, it is also possible to determine when to implement each specific task.

What is the Master Marketing Plan?

Before starting to learn about the definition (Plan) of the overall Marketing plan, let’s first understand the concept of Marketing. According to Philip Kotler: Marketing is a form of human activity aimed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange.

This is an extremely essential activity in the business process of an enterprise and is also an important factor that any business needs to pay attention to and maximize to survive. long term in the market.

The overall online marketing plan (Plan Marketing) is a detailed and meticulous plan. In which, all activities of the overall Marketing solution are clearly planned. Help people accomplish business goals within a predetermined time frame (month/quarter/year).

The overall marketing strategy can be considered as part of the overall business plan. A marketing plan also provides ways for you to measure your performance. Without a specific overall marketing solution, you will not really know if the campaign is really successful or not.

overall marketing plan
overall marketing plan

Why use a master marketing plan?

A master marketing plan helps you clearly understand your goals and where you will direct your business in the future. Help strengthen your strategy to become more perfect.

  • Identify the potential target markets of the business. And understand how your product or service meets their needs
  • Clearly identify your competitors and what your target customers think about their pros and cons
  • Position your own brand, products and services. Let the market see your business goals better or different than your competitors
  • Set specific, measurable goals and timeframes for your marketing activities
  • Help your business map out a good overall Marketing strategy. Help reach your target audience. Include the messages, channels, and tools you’ll be using.
  • Help everyone in the company act in the same direction of marketing efforts.

Elements of an overall marketing plan

Unlike the business plan that focuses on production and sales, the overall Marketing plan brings the business closer to potential customers through marketing tools such as: Social Networking, Email, Advertising, Page web, etc. Besides, a successful Marketing plan also needs the following important factors:

Business information

Information related to the business includes: business headquarters, teams and departments, vision, mission and values ​​of the enterprise towards.

Marketing Goals

What is the purpose of the enterprise implementing the overall marketing plan? Maximize revenue or build brand awareness and loyal customers

Target market

Who will the marketing plan market to? Why do businesses choose that target customer file?


In your target market, which brands are competitors?


What makes your product different from the competition?

Marketing channel

Which marketing channel strategy is most effective for your business? Content marketing, social media marketing or email marketing?


Keyword research to appear in the top of Google search is an effective proposition that businesses should try in their Marketing plan.


Build indicators and measurement tools to help businesses check and evaluate the performance of the overall marketing plan accurately.

overall marketing plan
overall marketing plan

A Guide to Defining an Overall Marketing Plan

The goals to achieve the overall Marketing Plan (Plan) are:

Almost every campaign has a specific and clear goal. The overall marketing strategy and solution is the guide for businesses to develop in the right direction with a specific and detailed roadmap. You need to plan out the goals that the business needs to achieve.

Control and calculate Marketing budget

Any product or service needs marketing. To go the long way, you don’t need a huge budget. But you need to optimize the budget in each ad campaign.

Each marketing campaign is at a different time. The right overall Marketing solutions all have their own meaning. You have calculated, how much money you have invested for advertising, how much your budget will be left. This will greatly determine the success of your Marketing campaign.

Research and analyze market strategy, competitors

Before making an overall online marketing plan. Your business needs to analyze itself clearly. You need to determine where you are in the market.

Moreover, it is necessary to know clearly who the competitors include? What is their current status, what products are they dominating the market?

When starting to start advertising. Surely many businesses have missed the most important step, which is the overall analysis of competitors. Thorough analysis before making a Master Marketing Plan helps businesses understand correctly about the business, the market, and the product. Understanding the opportunities and challenges will then set the right direction. Create a plan in the most accurate way.

List of businesses in the same field of business

  • Who are your direct competitors?
  • What Marketing Campaigns Are Your Competitors Using?
  • Detailed analysis of the results of campaigns carried out by competitors

After we have fully assessed and reviewed the activities of our competitors in the market, we need to:

  • Determine your position along with your opponent.
  • Determine the right strategy and direction to overcome the opponent.
  • Find out the cause of your opponent’s mistakes/weaknesses to avoid or exploit.
  • Find out its unique direction compared to competitors, dominate the market according to users’ emotions.

The more detailed you learn about your competitors, the less risky your overall marketing plan will be. Therefore, you must list as much detail about your opponent as possible.

Online Marketing Planning and Overall Marketing Plan

Determine the purpose of the overall Online Marketing plan

You need to define, position you will: Do what? Do for whom? What needs are satisfied? And why do people use it? To answer this question more specifically, the ability to compete with competitors will be higher on the overall marketing strategy.

Effective overall marketing solution tools:

  • SEO – A cheap, sustainable Marketing tool
  • Google Ads advertising – the most effective sales tool in online advertising
  • Google display network (GDN) ads – Banner ads with more than 1000 linked Google websites
  • Youtube advertising (trueview, video buffer, masthead, youtube banner)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Advertising Email marketing
  • Advertising Zalo, Coc Coc–
  • Advertising forum seeding
  • CPD banner ads…
  • Advertising thanks to KOL

Accordingly, you also need to clearly and accurately define all the criteria that need to be clearly shown in your Marketing plan such as: Expenses, capital budget spent by week/month/year?

Time to run ads for each phase / for the whole campaign? Results to be achieved? And what are the possible risks? How to overcome those risks?…

Which advertising method should be chosen based on the form of your product. To make sure that the channel is effective, you should test each form with a small budget. From there, give clear analytical data, give an advertising form suitable for business products.

Deploy items and track progress according to the plan

  • With this stage, you build on the approved plan. Let’s start with assigning specific tasks to each specific object. You need to pay attention to the work progress for each content.
  • Please assign tasks clearly and do not forget to closely monitor each object. The purpose at this early stage is to find the development direction and handle the arising problems, creating a specific process.
overall marketing plan
overall marketing plan

Measure results and evaluate

Marketing Online has the advantage of helping you make accurate statistics of measurement data, thereby making comments about the overall marketing strategy. Based on those data, you can easily adjust the overall Online Marketing Plan (Plan) to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign.

Track your sales, leads, visitors to your websites, impressive percentage of sales.

Clearly identify which marketing strategies are bringing in the most customers and which are bringing in the fewest.

Measure return on investment per marketing activity.

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