What is Website Traffic? What is the important factor to increase Website Traffic?

What is Website Traffic? – a common question of those who are just getting started with website metrics. This article will visualize website traffic by traffic phenomenon. You will find learning the concepts closer, not as dry as before!

What is Website Traffic?

Traffic is a term used to describe a website’s traffic, aka the number of people visiting a website, and traffic is a very popular word in the world of Digital Marketing. For all websites, traffic is always a great thing, because it means the website starts to make money.

The more traffic to the website, the more business revenue from the website will increase. Therefore, traffic is very important for a website, it marks the success of increasing revenue and developing website brand.

Traffic channels?

To understand website traffic (traffic), we need to understand the traffic channels. Traffic channels are a term used to describe where website traffic comes from – what medium. What is Website Traffic?

For example, a person visits the website through searching for the keyword SEO services on Google Search and then clicks on SEO Nam Nguyen website, this traffic source is called Oganic Search (also known as organic traffic). money). There are 6 main channels:

  • Social: is a source of traffic from social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Oganic Search: is the source of traffic coming from search on search engines through specific queries.
  • Direct: is the source of direct access to the website.
  • (Other)
  • Referal: is the source of traffic coming from another website.
  • Paid Search: is the source of traffic through paid ads like Google Adwords.
What is website traffic?
What is website traffic?

What are 3 important factors to increase Website Traffic?

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, has become a top priority for businesses. There is only one reason that search engines will bring in the largest amount of traffic today and bring in the most potential customers. But how does Google work? And how to SEO keyword website to Top?

Previously, SEO only needed to be optimized by adding keyword phrases to the website, whether these keywords were related to the website’s field or not. But now, search engines have changed, and with the aim of bringing the best quality content to searchers, a series of algorithms have been born and become one of the core algorithms in ranking. search rank.

This means that SEO today is much more complicated and difficult than in the past, and here are 3 key factors that affect a website’s rankings and as well as traffic to the website more or less.

Keywords (Keywords) What is Website Traffic?

One of the most basic aspects in SEO is optimizing keywords for the title, Meta Description and article content. These keywords are a way to let search engines know what the website is about and show them that the website will provide relevant content to the searcher’s needs.

In the early days of SEO, just adding a lot of keywords to the articles of the website regardless of whether they were in the same field or not had many opportunities to increase traffic to the website. But now it is different from the Panda algorithm, with this trick the website will immediately disappear from Google.

This requires Webmasters to be more careful and to research keywords in SEO more closely to the needs of searchers to be displayed better. Here are the types of keywords that should be researched.

What is website traffic?
What is website traffic?

Keywords + local

In addition to using specific keywords to let search engines know specifically what the website is, we should combine Keyword + local. Google or other search engines will usually take a lot of time to determine where your website is, so the initial configuration should use keywords + with Local, to quickly display the area. specific area.

For example, SEO Nam Nguyen’s keyword SEO service will often combine with Ho Chi Minh City, to quickly rank in the area in Ho Chi Minh City and quickly get a source of customers in this area.

Longtail Keywords What is Website Traffic?

Do a thorough research on keywords and keyword phrases that you can use for website articles. For example, in SEO Nam Nguyen’s article on keyword SEO services, there are many related keywords such as: keyword SEO services for websites, reputable keyword SEO services, safe keyword SEO services. Combine some news articles such as: how to SEO keywords website to the top of Google, for example.

That’s why focusing on Longtail Keyword will help the website’s ranking will be better and as well as attract a large amount of traffic that will visit the website.

Off-page signal

Website needs a number of incoming links from many Refer Domains to generate many Signals, Mention is talking about your website.

Guest post

Guest posting is a great way to create Signal and Mention, more importantly can earn traffic sources through clicking on backlinks back to the website. Take every opportunity to have a lot of articles on many different domains.

Participate in the public

Backlinks to the website act as votes for the website. So we need to spend a lot of time building. Therefore, we need to reach out to the community and then start building relationships so that we can support each other to build links. What is Website Traffic?


In addition to simply using more keywords in the article, the website needs to have quality content and must be continuously optimized to rank high. And while search engines can’t read your articles like humans, they can therefore look at a few signals to determine if your content is worth recommending to searchers. . Reference: Instructions on how to write standard SEO articles

Length of content

When writing articles for the website, you should focus on quality content, and with just enough words to bring satisfaction to readers and more importantly, good navigation. Because of this, you should aim for quality over quantity. Therefore, a well-optimized article should be of sufficient length and should always provide comprehensive information to the reader.

Fresh content What is Website Traffic?

Search engines love new and frequently updated websites. This means that we can’t always produce new content to improve rankings and website traffic. Instead, consider trying that method of improving content, which shows search engines that your website is being regularly updated and changed for the sake of the reader.

Internal links

Limit the maximum number of articles with the number of clicks > 4 deep starting from the homepage. Therefore, it is necessary to use the method of linking the content of articles together (called internal linking) with relevant topics and in the right context.

What is website traffic?
What is website traffic?

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