What should I pay attention to when registering for hosting? Where is good to choose hosting?

In order to get the most out of web hosting, we think you should not skip the following post before signing up for hosting. Signing up for web hosting is very simple, but you will encounter many unwanted problems if you do not fully consider basic factors such as speed, capacity, bandwidth, and load capacity before performing the operation. this.

Note before registering for hosting

1. Speed

This metric is calculated as the amount of time from when the user first accesses the website to when the website is fully displayed and the download is complete. This is a factor that determines whether customers want to continue to visit your website or not. Therefore, the server running the web service must have a large enough configuration to ensure smooth processing, serving a large number of visitors at the same time. In addition, there must be a high-speed connection to avoid data congestion. The ideal time is from 3 to 5 seconds.

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2. Capacity

The capacity of Web Hosting is the amount of space you are allowed to store data on the server’s hard drive. Web Hosting needs to have a large enough capacity (a few GB) to be able to store all the information, images, data … of the website.

3. Bandwidth

Web Hosting bandwidth is the amount of data exchanged between websites and users in a month. Therefore, you need to balance the number of visitors to register for a hosting with enough bandwidth to use, otherwise you do not want to incur a large additional cost.

4. Load capacity

There are hosting packages with very good load capacity, thousands of people online at the same time, but there are also hosting packages when a few dozen online users reported an inaccessible error. So how to know the load capacity of hosting? If you do not have much experience, please refer to the reviews and comments of the previous people.

5. Supplier

Unlike Domain Name, registration is ready to use. Most of the problems with the website are in the Hosting. Therefore, when registering for Web Hosting, you should choose reputable providers with a good customer care team who are always ready to support whenever you need.

Should register hosting Vietnam or foreign?

Many people still wonder where to buy hosting? Is it good to buy hosting in Vietnam or abroad? In fact, there is no perfect answer to this problem. Depending on the business area that uses hosting and where the traffic of customers and employees is mainly located. Buyers can consider choosing a domestic or foreign hosting service provider as below.

sign up for hosting
sign up for hosting

1. What is offshore hosting?

Foreign hosting is hosting located on servers in many countries around the world. Usually these servers will be located in Singapore, the US or European countries. Hosting abroad will bring the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • The quality of hosting registration is high because their operating model is multinational, so their infrastructure will also be somewhat stronger than in the country.
  • Service is professionally evaluated.
  • Many incentive programs: distributors will be the most beneficiaries. Because the hosting model they buy will be much larger than retail buyers. These incentive programs will benefit those who purchase a large service model from a supplier.


  • The buying process is more complicated: due to geographical factors, registration and payment methods are complicated. The user must register in more detail. Payment is also complicated by currency conversion and other legal factors.
  • Speed ​​and stability: Since the servers are located overseas, the speed will depend on the undersea cable. Undersea cable transmission lines often have problems and are easily broken if a disaster occurs.
  • Time difference: The support from the provider will also be difficult due to the different working time.
  • Language differences: During the support process, the language gap will hinder more or less.
  • Regulations: Due to network security regulations, sometimes information when being transmitted to users will have to go through censorship, causing speed to be affected.
  • There may be a case of breach of contract due to the lack of clear explanation of the terms of use.

2. What is Vietnam Hosting?

Hosting Vietnam is a hosting registration service from domestic server management companies. Domestic servers will not need to communicate with each other over sea cables, so the speed of processing and transmitting information is also very good.


  • Good access speed: due to geographical distance and large internal bandwidth in the country.
  • Simple payment, quick procedure.
  • Easier customer support if something goes wrong.
  • There is no language barrier in accessing information.


You need to choose your customer service carefully. Currently, there are many companies providing hosting services in Vietnam. Some startups will not support you well due to lack of experience.

Guide to choosing a good hosting registration

To choose the right hosting, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

1. Choose the right hosting subscription type

As classified above, there are currently 5 types of hosting:

  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

Depending on your needs, choose the type of hosting that suits you. However, Mat Bao recommends that you choose Cloud Hosting if you want to optimize the best cost along with superior features such as: Uptime, 1-click-install,,…. Or WordPress Hosting if your website runs on WordPress and you are in need of the best technical, security, and optimization support for your WordPress Website.

sign up for hosting
sign up for hosting

2. Price when registering hosting

The average price of hosting services ranges from a few tens to several hundred thousand dong a month.

Hosting prices will vary depending on the following factors:

  • Parameters: storage capacity, bandwidth, number of domains, host operating system (Windows/Linux)…
  • Form of hosting package: WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting, ..
  • Term of hosting package maintenance: Usually hosting packages will be sold by year. Depending on the number of years you register to use the hosting package, the more you pay, the cheaper the cost per year will be than if you sign up for a separate 1-year package.

3. Customer care policy

Choose a provider with good customer service quality, available 24/7, the ability to quickly support when users have problems with hosting.

Especially with Cloud Hosting this is quite important. If your website suddenly needs to upgrade hosting resources, you must immediately contact the provider. Avoid giving users a bad experience when accessing the website. Cloud Hosting upgrade process only takes a few minutes, faster than other types of hosting. So it is very important to contact the supplier when there is a problem.

The customer care team must be able to respond to customers through many different communication channels:

  • Customer Service Center
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Online support via instant messagers (website chat, facebook, skype…).

4. Where to buy good hosting?

Currently, on the Vietnamese market, there are more than 300 professional hosting service providers, including Semtek Co,. ltd. This number is quite large, so it requires you to learn carefully when buying hosting. You should only buy hosting from providers with long experience in the field. Their expertise and experience will ensure your hosting runs at its best.

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