What to learn from “Football is gay” and other content examples this week

What to learn from “Football is gay” and other content examples this week

“Football is gay. Football is accepting. Football is for everyone.” The NFL’s big statement about inclusivity combined with news from Google on a better skin color scale helps to recognize human diversity. And in another good news of the week, media experts say companies value their work more than what they did before the pandemic.

Let’s break down these stories.

Communication enhances the importance of the organization

Eighty percent of organizations have placed greater value on communication in the past year, according to the Annual Survey by JOTW Strategy Comms .

The survey of 300 general advocates also found their challenges had changed. Too many priorities (40%) and cutting through the noise (37%) top the list of challenges this year, while budget and ROI top the list in the previous period studied.

Measurements has increased, according to survey creators, with 60% saying they measure always or often and 30% saying they measure some of the time.

On the topic of brand scales about social issues 43% of those surveyed said brands should always or always take a stance on social issues, while only 1/5 (21%) said brands should do the same about political issues.

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: While the survey wasn’t specific to content marketing, we think the findings illustrate what’s happening across the board in media-related roles. It’s great to see more companies placing more importance on communication. Perhaps that’s why budget and ROI are no longer top challenges.

2021 challenges present an opportunity for organizations to take the time to review their priorities, pick one to three, and then brainstorm ways to stand out from all the noise. there.

Good news for traders. According to #JOTW and @SwordandScript #survey, brands appreciate the value of proceeds more than they did before the pandemic. Read about this and other good news about #ContentMarketing via @CMIContent. #WeeklyWrap Click to Tweet

Skin has more than six colors

The six-color scale for skin tones may soon be a thing of the past. Google is investigating an alternative scale for grading skin tones — one that doesn’t favor people of color, according to a recent Search & Performance Marketing Daily. article .

Since the 1970s, most tech companies have used the six-color Fitzpatrick Skin Type scale, which comes in four for whites, one for black, and one for brown. However, the US Department of Homeland Security says FST is a poor representation of the range of skin color in diverse populations.

Google is collaborating with scientific and medical experts and the community of color on the project, and says alternatives can be helpful in developing its products.

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: A better skin tone scale can help content creators visually illustrate diverse audiences. And it will probably also inform other content creation tools. That’s important to all brand creators who want their audience to see themselves in their content, whether in photos, illustrations, or text.

. @Google is working to replace a skin- color scale that is not representative of human diversity. That’s great news for #ContentMarketing professionals who care about representing their audience, @CMIContent via @lauriesullivan said. #WeeklyWrap Click to Tweet

Tap down for NFL video

The NFL turned the single-player pro-announcement into a groundbreaking statement told via video.

Las Vegas Raiders player Carl Nassib recently shared publicly that he is gay, becoming the first active NFL player to do so. A week later, the NFL Published this video with “Football is gay,” as the opening line:

The video runs through the list of things football has before ending with this line: “Football is everything. Football is for everyone.” The final image is the NFL logo in rainbow colors, followed by an advertisement for the Trevor Project, a nonprofit that seeks to prevent suicide among LGBTQ youth.

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: The NFL did not produce a video to praise Carl’s announcement. Instead, it intelligently took the opportunity on the topic accept and enter. We also like the simplicity of the video, showing only white text on a black background while the cheering crowd background music emphasizes the message.

The NFL certainly has the top video production talent (and the budget) to grow as big as they want it to be. But the simplicity of this video fits the message very well. It’s a great reminder that you don’t need a budget big video to create high-impact videos.

The impressive @NFL video claiming #FootballIsGay shows that #great video doesn’t require a huge production budget, @CMIContent said via @72 and Sunny @TrevorProject. #WeeklyWrap Click to Tweet

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