Where to rent the best VPS? Top VPS in Vietnam

Many people think that VPS is a luxury and expensive website hosting service. Talking about the price, many people often think that VPS price will be much higher than Shared Hosting. However, in reality, many Share Hosting Pro plans cost more than VPS. Today, we invite you to learn the advantages of VPS and where to rent the best VPS together BKNS Please!

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Knowing about VPS will help you choose a good provider

Compare VPS with Shared Hosting

Different content VPS Hosting
Server Resources Private storage space is larger than Share Hosting. High overall resource availability. Shared Hosting shares resources on one physical server for many other Hosting accounts. Vulnerable to limited resources and low security.
Performance Due to having a larger amount of resources than Shared Hosting, VPS can meet a large number of accesses at the same time. Data access speed is faster than Shared Hosting. Performance suitable for individuals and small businesses. The user does not have deep access to the system. Vulnerable to restrictions and problems when the website has a large amount of traffic. Website performance may be affected by other websites on the same server.
Security Better security through the powerful safety features available on VPS. Ease of security breaches. When a customer using shared hosting makes a mistake or has a technical problem. It will probably affect other sites.
Valuation Costs more than Shared Hosting but offers superior performance. Low cost because it is shared equally among other users of the same system.
Server Administration Users have full VPS administration rights similar to a physical server. You can only perform administration on your Shared Hosting plan. All server-related operations will be performed by the service provider.
Ability of extension Scaling is quick and easy. It is difficult to grow to the size of the website in the long run.

Parameters to know to choose the best VPS


VPS performance is a top concern

  • Ram: This is an important parameter to evaluate VPS. Because it is related to the processing speed of VPS. The more RAM, the faster the data access speed. Help the web load speed will be faster.
  • Disks: This is where all the data from operating system installation files to web source files is stored. Currently, there are two types of hard drives: HDD and SDD. The most popular type of drive today is HDD, while SSD is a more advanced type of semiconductor drive that has a processing speed that is hundreds of times faster than HDD. A best VPS should use SSD type even though the price is much more expensive.
  • CPU Cores: This is the CPU’s processing core. A physical server has a certain number of cores and they are divided among the VPSs. A typical VPS package has from 1 to 6 cores. The more cores, the higher the processing speed.
  • Bandwidth (Bandwidth/Transfer): Like in Shared Host, bandwidth is the amount of data that you are allowed to transmit. For example, your website contains 1Mb of data and in a day there are 100 visits, the bandwidth is 100 Mb.
  • IPs: This parameter will indicate the number of IPs you are assigned. Usually these IP ranges are chosen at random.

Where to rent the best VPS?

1. Should rent VPS Vietnam

Many people tend to hire foreign VVPS because it is cheaper than suppliers in Vietnam. However, by 2022, there are many Vietnamese providers with cheap and very good quality VPS services.

Besides, domestic VPS has advantages that are worth a try:

  • Unaffected by international networks: domestic network speed is much faster than international servers. Besides, it is less affected when the international cable route has problems. Applications placed in water will have better load capacity. Especially applications such as websites with large downloads.
  • Fast support and no language barriers.
  • Limit ads that appear per app.
  • Suitable for businesses when they need to make contracts and issue VAT invoices.

2. Choose a reputable supplier

BKNS is the leading network solution provider in Vietnam

BKNS is the leading network solution provider in Vietnam

With the slogan “BKNS leads technology – successful connection”. BKNS always catches up with new era technology trends. With an advanced technology platform and a team of industry leading experts. BKNS will bring customers the best VPS service at an extremely affordable price. Using VMware virtualization technology along with SSD drives, VPS of BKNS Guaranteed customer satisfaction. Although not the cheapest price in the market, but BKNS Quality is always commensurate with the price. Even more than the price.



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🏠HCMC: 2nd Floor, Building 1B1 Thanh Thai, Cu Xa Dong Tien, Ward 14, District 10, City. Ho Chi Minh.

📌Website: https://www.bkns.vn/

📧Email: info@bkns.vn

☎️Service consultation: 1800,646,884 (Free calling fee)

☎️Technical support: 1900.636.809

BKNS leads in technology – successful connection

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