Which backend language should I choose: PHP or Node JS?

With changes in website development technology, many programmers and users wonder about Compare PHP and Node JS. Both of these platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages. For that reason, choosing which backend platform to use for the server is a very difficult problem.

In this article, Mat Bao would like to send you information about two popular backend platforms, PHP and Node JS, as well as answer questions about which backend language to choose.

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php and node js

What choice should I make? Compare PHP and Node JSMat Bao will answer that question through this article.

1. Concepts

1.1. What is PHP?

PHP, also known as Hypertext Preprocessor, is a programming language designed and built specifically for web development. The original PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.

Since then, PHP as a kind of popular engine has been used as the preferred language for CMS systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. According to statistics in 2018, today more than 80% of websites are built with PHP.

1.2. What is NodeJS?

Node.js is an open source, cross-platform system that runs in a JavaScript environment. The software is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine – V8 executes JavaScript code outside of the browser.

Thanks to its outstanding advantages, Node.js was born in 2009. This software allows asynchronous programming. Although the percentage of websites built with Node.js is relatively low (0.4%), the software is rapidly becoming more popular, and is being watched by web developers.

Synchronous code executes line by line and continues with the next line after the current line has finished executing. Asynchronous code executes all lines of code at once.

2. Compare PHP and Node JS

2.1. Synchronization

Let’s follow in the footsteps of Storm Eye to Compare PHP and Node JS about synchronization. First, PHP is known as a synchronous language, but aside from synchronous threads, there are several APIs that work asynchronously. It uses multithreaded blocking I/O to perform multiple tasks running in parallel.

php and node js

Basically, Node.js will be faster than PHP due to the asynchronous language.

As for the side Node.js, basically, it’s an asynchronous language, which means that the JavaScript engine runs all the code at once and doesn’t wait for the function to return. It will use event-driven non blocking I/O as the execution model. While the function is executing, the lines of code below the function will execute. After the function has finished executing, the result will be returned to the output.

2.2. Execution environment

Although PHP and JavaScript can both be directly embedded in HTML. However, both need the interpreter as the execution environment, to run and start up.

PHP has long been easy to install and powered by the Zend engine. Besides, the execution environment for PHP will be on the server side. As for Node.js, JavaScript will be used on the server side. Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine provides its execution environment.

2.3. Modules

While PHP will take advantage of technology to install modules like PEAR (which is a framework and distribution system for the purpose of reusing components). For Node.js, it will come with NPM (Node Package Manager) – package management system.

2.4. Ability of extension

When Compare PHP and Node JS, it can be seen that most PHP will be supported on popular CMS systems (such as: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla). This will make PHP as a kind of tool in building blogs, as well as web applications related to e-commerce.

On the contrary, Node.js is an effective key in building a solution, so that, after scaling, can handle large amounts of I/O, making the system work efficiently. In addition, it will take a lot of effort if you want to increase the use of Node on a multi-core system.

2.5. Web Servers

Regarding the web server, PHP runs on Apache or Nginx. Besides, this software can also be installed on IIS web server, in case you use Windows operating system. As for NPM, it will run right on the execution environment so no web servers are needed.

2.6. Efficiency

If Node.js has always been known for its asynchronous model and very high performance, PHP is no less competitive when it comes to pursuing this development trend. PHP is being used in event-driven programming from libraries like ReactPHP.

php and node js

Node JS can handle many requests at the same time, so the performance is much higher than PHP.

To summarize the facts Compare PHP and Node JScan be seen as follows:

Synchronization Synchronized language Asynchronous language
Execution environment Provided by Zend engine on the server side. Powered by the high-speed V8 JavaScript engine, provided on the server side.
Modules PEAR. NPM.
Ability of extension Supported by CMS system for web application. Scale to handle large amounts of I/O.
Web Servers Runs on Apache or Nginx. No web servers needed. Continuous server connection.
Efficiency Developing. Very high performance so it will be much faster than PHP.

3. Should I choose Node JS or PHP?

Both Node JS and PHP have their own advantages and disadvantages. With the common feature that they are all backend platforms. Maybe if I could research and make a choice Compare PHP and Node JS is very difficult.

To learn more about which cases users should use Node JS and which cases should use PHP, perhaps it should be explored in more detail and specificity.

First, when using PHP with a server, in case users do not plan to expand their application for multiple servers to use, they can use the PHP platform, specifically LAMP (with L being Linux, A respectively). is Apache, M is MySQL, and finally P is PHP respectively).

However, this may vary depending on the nature of the project’s requirements. For mobile devices, the PHP language platform is flexible with low cost in hosting, PHP is perfectly suitable to launch on many different platforms, in addition, it also owns a Database systems are supported flexibly and deployed easily.

For Node JS, this will be the right choice when users use and deploy their own projects related to ExpressJs, ReactJs, MongoDB,… with choosing Node JS in this case will help you own The system uses JavaScript entirely. For realtime requirements, Node JS is the most suitable platform.

In addition, to use this language on applications related to money or financial issues and numbers, users need to take a closer look to ensure reliability. PHP will have a much slower speed than Node JS, if users focus on speed, for example, have a need to play games on applications or browsers, then Node JS is an optimal choice.

php and node js

It will be difficult to make a choice in Compare PHP and Node JS.

Although there are still many controversial opinions between Compare PHP and Node JS What is the best platform? And an important thing that you must always remember that there is no one language that is the best solution to solve all problems, somewhere will still exist its own disadvantages.

Therefore, users always have to consider and orient themselves to what language their needs will be suitable for during the development of their projects.

Mat Bao believes that, with the above sharing, it will help you improve the right perspective and make the best choice for your project, after drawing conclusions from the experience. Compare PHP and Node JS. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately for timely advice and support.

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