Why being persuasive is the key to success on social media

personable key social success


personable key social success

The most successful brands on social media do some things right, or rather other. All successful people follow their unique path. But they all have one thing in common – they are all memorable.

Different reasons. Some have a sense of humour Obligatory others provide customer service exemplary while some post impressive content.

‘Memorable’ means different things to different people. But a business can’t hope to be at the top of its target audience’s brand recall unless they’ve created something different in this space. Usually, the winning brands are the trustworthy and addictive brands. They leak personality. And they are not afraid to speak their mind.

How does all of this come together to create an impressive social presence? Here are some observations to get you started.

Your personality is your X-factor.

There’s always the fear of a brand’s voice being drowned out in the hustle and bustle of social media. Not only is the competition fierce, these platforms are also a fast-moving space. Tweets are easy to miss, and Facebook updates compete for attention with posts from family and friends, whose statuses are intrinsically more interesting to users.

How do you feel your presence? By giving your brand a distinct voice.

How do you stand out? By daring to let your personality shine through.

one plus twitter feed

Chinese OEM manufacturer OnePlus has a fun and interactive Twitter feed. Their Instagram is not far behind! They know who they are and have built an army of dedicated fans around the globe based on the strength of their marketing. (And the great phones that come with it!)

Whether you want to be quirky, shocking, unique, or just plain friendly, the choice is yours. Just don’t be boring. It is the fastest way to be forgotten, or even unnoticed in the first place.

Option voice for brand will be given considerable consideration. You want to stay true to the essence of your business, and go where you want to go and you want to consistency in tenor . Once you’ve decided on the mood and tone of your social media updates, it’s time to nurture your voice, which is also a matter of challenge. But you will create a distinct personality sooner than you suspect. This voice will also deliver all your content.

Doing so would also have other benefits. You attract the right audience when you are authentic about your values. Remember, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” It is better to have a few thousand loyal followers than many indifferent ones. People who trust you will spread this information on your behalf. When people love a brand (and the brand’s personality is a big part of this), they become brand advocates.

Your content speaks for your followers.

When you have a voice and are attracting like-minded people, that’s when they start praising the content.

Why do some businesses have blogs worth seeing and others have ‘MEH’ written all over them?

Why do we subscribe to certain YouTube channels and not others?

Because their content speaks for us.

Of course, they didn’t call us separately. But we felt as if we were part of a clique or a family. Even though you send the same content to all of your followers, it has a different impact on the people who use it.

Ever felt “This is just what I was thinking! ” when video updates appear in your notification bar?

You are not alone. When we’re part of the right tribe, it seems like the brands we follow can read our minds and give us exactly what we’re wondering.

  • These brands have done very well research their.
  • They have cultivated an authentic voice.
  • They have attracted the right kind of followers who expect their content.
  • They posted at the right time (more on this later).
  • Surname Interactive with their followers and know what the community feels and wants (there are tools to help with this).

Well-timed content causes followers to ignore what they’re doing and click doe the message doesn’t just happen. A lot of planning and demanding work is done. But the personality and voice of the brand (an individual or a business) is the driving factor.

Behind the scenes, these businesses have the right tools and audio sites to do this synchronization.

The smart use of technology can work wonders.

Your content has the element of surprise, it’s extremely relevant, but you also need to make sure it’s reaching the right kind of people at the right time. Analysis is an important part of this. Marketers are not mind readers. But with the right tools, they can be successful too!

When are your precious followers most likely to notice your updates in their feed? If you have a global following, you need to be aware of the time difference. With a social network management tool like Zoho Social you can learn about the best times to post (and what to post) across channels and time zones.

This space is filled with great software and is worth exploring in detail. Most schedule optimization tools – Tweriod and Followerwonk are two great examples — ask to run a report and check the results to see when your followers are typically active online. Zoho Social’s dynamically updated SmartQ feature goes one step further to access empirical data and recommend the most recent time periods that drive the most engagement on your posts.

zoho smartiq

But businesses often falter due to lack of the right tools and technology. Is your website powerful enough? Is it easy to navigate? Are all the links working properly? Can it handle the heavy traffic if your webinar is a huge success? Ultimately, this is where people will come from your social platforms if they want to sign up for a package or place an order.

For small businesses, this is a very important part of running their business in top shape. Find a solid and reliable web hosting company for your business. Trusted technology, as well as a smart strategy, are key to creating digital magic.

Live videos and webcasts engage audiences.

Audiovisual media is very powerful. That is not to say that the written word does not exist. Your approach should include both.

Both videos and live streams can strengthen the personality of the brand. For people to be able to see the faces behind their beloved brands, hear them speak, laugh and express a whole range of emotions, it’s easy to understand. This is the type of content that attracts people and keeps them coming back to your channel.

Live webcasts interactive and build instant engagement. Even if you’re starting out small, keep the conversations engaging and freely put forth your expertise. When you are courageous and interested in social media, you will see your following increase.

B2B companies can upload videos to LinkedIn if that’s where you feel most of your target audience resides. The bottom line is, a well-made video will work on any social platform.

Can be said to be special.

To make your mark on social media, you have to give your followers something extra while also making them feel special. Technology, intuition, creativity and courage: they all play a part. There are no hard and fast rules here, just realize that you are ultimately talking to people who already have enough content in their feed and are getting tired of it all. How can you make them grow? How can you get them to listen to you and your brand? What do you have that they can’t turn their backs on? Put yourself in the other person’s shoes; You probably know where to start.

By Nguyen Manh Cuong

Nguyen Manh Cuong is the author and founder of the nguyendiep blog. With over 14 years of experience in Online Marketing, he now runs a number of successful websites, and occasionally shares his experience & knowledge on this blog.

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