You will laugh with delight when you watch these videos about chat triggers

talk triggers videos


talk triggers videos

When we put together a marketing plan for Chat trigger , We thought it would be fun to share it with friends soon. We decided to pack the book with some key case study elements: Doubletree by Hilton’s signature chocolate chip cookies, a hot pink headband from Uberflip, and… a stuffed alpaca. soft.

We didn’t know exactly how people would respond and didn’t ask anything specific.

How did people respond?

  • They’ve earned more than 65 minutes of some of the funniest videos we’ve ever seen.
  • 1400+ shares, likes and comments on Facebook alone.
  • Funny pictures of themselves in the wild with books, alpacas and cookies.

We’re grateful for the support of our friends, who certainly had countless other ways (to put it bluntly, could be better!) to take their time and chose to show us. some love.

We’ve rounded up some of the highlights here, but it’s only a fraction of their creative genius! They appear in no particular order.

Julia McCoy to whom we owe an extra alpaca and headband… this isn’t the first report we’ve heard of children breaking into boxes.

DJ Waldow , who went to Skip’s Kitchen to take pictures opp. They are one of our case studies in the book and also a great place for a burger.

DJ Waldow talk triggers

Andrea Sodergren Vahl who managed to break through the alpaca — they will!


Judson Laipply : what can we say? In amazement. Not only can he rap (something like that) but he also has copywriting skills that put us all to shame.

Brian Fanzo , who created the curve for video length (22:44!) and is also willing to give up his own talking trigger, in place of the Uberflip headband hat. He’s a great example of how to stand out as a speaker, both in content and in distinction.

Mark Schaefer : a master of puppetry, substantial storytelling and eerie realism.

Colette Carlson who inspired my keynote speech for Talk Trigger . Sequins, Bonnie Raitt, and lots of love.

Josh Bernoff who will probably be the only reason someone asks us in advance- signed edition of The Birds of America .

without bullshit

Heidi Cohen who defied a cool autumn day on the beach to bring us this.

Shannon McKain to make the best use of Bonnie Raitt and also the best cat in the business (see bottom right!)

Adam Buchanan , who took the great and inspired Ralph Waldo Emerson retreat into the woods to give us Scream. We’re not sure he’s back. Should we send more cookies?

Christopher Penn who went into a great PhD-level class on the subject and dug deeper with his own dataset.

Susan Baier who is not only the witch behind our research, she also knows how to wear a pink headband.

Steve Woodruff who generously spends her time on many of the videos from the Clarity Over Coffee Series, and also has a great coffee taste.

Ian Altman , who sacrificed his beloved alpaca to the dog. Same thing happened to me and now an alternative alpacas search is being done.

Ian Altman - Talk Triggers

Mike Ganino for forgiveness for his awfully packaged peanuts and for his genuine alpaca enthusiasm.

David Newman , who studied us eloquently about the true origins of the Chat Trigger concept; it’s from 2013!

Phil Gerbyshak alpaca’s best hug and also great talking engine: his glasses!

Ramon Ray who brought his signature warmth and energy right from his trip to Mexico.

Meredith Miller Oliver , who went looking for real-life alpacas but found only chickens; we’re pretty sure no alpacas were harmed while filming her video.

Neal Schaffer who got it even higher by submitting reviews in not one but two languages!

near Schaffer - talk triggers

Now go out and create your own Talk Activated and get customers to tell your story. To subscribe to the series, go to or search “Talk Cause Show ”wherever you get your audio to find podcasts. To carry Jay’s custom Talk Cause agenda for your next meeting or event, visit .

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