Your Ultimate Guide to the SXSW Table Selector 2019

ultimate guide sxsw panel picker

ultimate guide sxsw panel picker

Even if you haven’t attended SXSW before, you’re probably familiar with the cultural impact of the brilliant annual convention/festival/show in Austin. From global brands to influential futurists, just about anyone is going to show up at a conference at some point. Elon Musk was there, as was Joe Biden, Kesha, and even the cast of Game of Thrones. For many marketers, it is important to have brand visibility at SXSW if they want to be seen as the future.

What’s special is that the community is heavily involved in the programming process, with around 30% of the session’s overall “score” determined by audience votes. This year alone, there were approximately 4,000 session submissions to SXSW and 1,500 to SXSW EDUs in dozens of different tracks in the Table Selector. Voting ends on August 30, so now is your time to impact the conversation in 2019 by Vote for which board you want to see come to life .

Not going to Austin? Multiple sessions of SXSW are recorded and broadcast Facebook , YouTube ultimate guide sxsw panel picker their Channels and Soundcloud .

I love browsing through Table Selector submissions — it gives you a glimpse of zeitgeist. (Note: My colleague Lauren Teague and I are on this year’s Pick for Growing Communities: Connecting in Education and Busy Glasses: Millennial Women in Sports Careers . Would you vote for us?).

What topics do people care about talking about and thinking about in 2019? What should your company pay attention to, looking forward to 2019?

Let’s explore 2019 Table picker submission in 5 charts.

1. Towards the future of technology

technology sxsw

Table Selector Technology Submission, SXSW 2019

Dominating the field, AI and trends drive the biggest session submission rates. More, new music of “VR/AR/MR” and “Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies” reflect larger trends. Plus, the fact that both songs have strong submission numbers shows that there is a desire and interest in discussing the promise and reality of both fields.

In the broad “Tech Industry & Enterprises” we find submissions ranging from “Industrial Cybersecurity & Complex Threats” to “How Women Are Rebuilding the Internet by man-made “. Not surprisingly, as technology has advanced, many conversations have moved from what comes next? for a more nuanced picture of why and how it should be done in a broader cultural context.

2. “Global & Social Impact” owns it among business and government topics

business government panel picker submission

Submission of Business & Government Select Committee, SXSW 2019

Some of the most popular songs include “Branding & Marketing”, “Future Workplaces”, “Social & Global Impact” and “Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurship”. In fact, on SXSW Interact, business leaders, marketers and salespeople have become a powerful backup force over the years, sharing case studies, best practices, and best practices. Best and trending views.

3. Marketing is intertwined with most business areas

Most Used Terms in SXSW Panel Picker Submissions, 2019

Most Used Terms in 2019 SXSW Dashboard Selector Submission

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised as a marketer, in the Brand & Marketing Track alone, 500 entries have gone out. Sure, marketers love to talk about our work, and we’re often the storytellers and cheerleaders in our organization. But I think that’s also reflected in the word cloud of the most used terms in the titles of those terms 500 submissions are marketing practices that are inextricably linked to the way we think about business in the world. internet age.

If a tree falls in the woods and no one posts a photo or tweets about it, does that really happen? Every industry needs to communicate with stakeholders, and marketers are emphasizing how those stories are told.

4. SXSW continues to make industry-specific songs

industry specific panel picker

Industry-specific panel pick submission, SXSW 2019

This year, SXSW introduced the “Tracking Business Enterprise” and changed the “Health” tracking to “Health & MedTech”. The shift in health focus area has resulted in a 250-session higher number of applicants, indicating high relevance right now.

In addition, we see Food, Sports and Games (specific industries it has had growing over the years) make a comeback. While these tracks have a more modest number of recommended sessions, they also point to areas where the festival is committed to these specific industries.

Speaking of sports, if you’re interested in the future of business in sports and its changing demographics, be sure to vote for my strategist Convince & Convert Colleagues Lauren Teague’s Executive Board Eyeglasses: Millennial women in sports careers . ”

5. The art of doing business

Film & Music Tracks, SXSW

Submission of movie & soundtrack selection, SXSW 2019

Yes, there are a lot of screenings and showcases, but SXSW also has a large selection of panels and speakers that focus on the business of making, selling, distributing, and the art of marketing.

Among the sessions suggested in these lessons are workshops that discuss culture and communication, practical considerations of licensing, and funding challenges.

Education that brings together powerful crosses

In addition to these tracks, SXSW EDU has other features around 1,500 submissions that focus specifically on issues in the education space. Ranging from K – 12 for higher education to informal education, these sessions bring the same innovative and creative, transdisciplinary approach to this important industry.

In fact, three extremely experienced colleagues and I joined together to send a session called “ Growing Communities: Connecting in Education ”, which explores how technology, digital media and educational institutions are communicating to bring together teams that aim to spread knowledge and connect. From parents/families to teachers to students studying across the state, the way we make connections is key to supporting education.

Whether you’re attending SXSW or not, your vote to select a topic that will impact the industry in 2019 is well worth exploring for a few minutes in the Table Picker. And of course, if you’re interested in voting Lauren’s session or my session we appreciate your support!

By Nguyen Manh Cuong

Nguyen Manh Cuong is the author and founder of the nguyendiep blog. With over 14 years of experience in Online Marketing, he now runs a number of successful websites, and occasionally shares his experience & knowledge on this blog.

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