Your Vacation Travel Podcast Playlist

holiday travel playlist

holiday travel playlist

Are you hitting the road to visit your parents this holiday season (YAY! It’s fun)? Or are you taking a well-deserved trip to somewhere sunny and warm? Or are you enjoying a relaxing holiday with a little work email and good wishes (or beer)?

No matter what you’re up to, now is the perfect time to catch up on the best marketing podcast you might have missed this year.

So put on your headphones, tune in to screaming kids or bickering parents, and listen to our most popular podcasts of 2018. You can listen online, on Spotify or iTunes — whatever suits you. Happy listening to music and happy holidays too!

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Top 10 Professional Social Podcasts of 2018

New strategies for today’s social media landscape

Server Jay Baer and Adam Brown, Executive Strategist at Salesforce, discuss Social revolution changes in 2017 and reveals predictions for 2018 . Did Jay and Adam succeed with their prediction?

How to Create a Social Network of Disliked Content

Dooley Tombras, EVP, The Tombras Group, Reveals How Raising the standard of creative content will increase sales .

Why you need 3 different Instagram strategies

Jenn Herman, Social Media Coach & Consultant at Jenn’s Trends, discusses strategies for micro-platforms in Instagram .

How to make a social video worth watching

George B. Thomas, Hubspot and Inbound Training Specialist at IMPACT, explains how improved, more purposeful social video.

How to turn your personal brand into a business

Chris Ducker, Founder of You Entrepreneur, Joins the Social Expert Discussion Podcast Build a business around your personal brand .

How Founders Built an Entrepreneurial Empire with Instagram

Nathan Chan, Founder’s CEO and Publisher, Joins the Social Expert Podcast for Discussion how he built an Instagram followers of 500,000 in just under a year .

How to dominate Facebook ads without becoming a spam marketer

Amanda Bond, Owner of Advertising Strategist, discusses audience building, organic posts and Facebook ads.

How Influencer Marketing Powers B2B Social Media

Neal Schaffer, CEO & Lead Advisor for Social Media Strategy at Maximize Your Social, discusses how you can Engage with your audience through people they trust and share your work in a personal and meaningful way.

Why Michael Stelzner talks less now more on social media

Michael Stelzner, CEO and Founder of Social Media Examiner, reveals why he shifted SME efforts from Facebook to YouTube for their longer video content and how improve your social media based on meaningful data .

How Hilton’s Social Media Center Excellence Keeps Guests Coming Back

Sabrina Callahan, Director of Social Media Planning & Integration at Hilton Worldwide, explains how Hilton Worldwide developed a powerful social media hub to manage multiple brands and hundreds of locations worldwide.

Top 10 Podcast Show Content Experiences of 2018

How to create a word of mouth marketing strategy

Our very own Jay Baer joins the Content Experience Program to discuss chat trigger, word of mouth marketing and how you can Shape a story for your company that your customers will be excited to tell their friends .

Why content experiences are the new way of content marketing

Anna Hrach, Strategist at Convince & Convert, and Randy Frisch, Co-Founder, CMO and President of Uberflip, discuss why it’s time Take content creation to the next level .

How the University of Arizona uses audience segmentation

Jenna Rutschman, Director of Marketing and Communications, College of Social and Beha Vioral Sciences at the University of Arizona, reveals How the University of Arizona optimizes email to communicate with students and why audience segmentation is important when marketing to multiple demographics.

How Uberflip determines who owns the content experience

Christine Otsuka, Content Marketer at Uberflip, discusses why it’s important someone is overseeing the overall content experience for your audience.

Why the best content doesn’t always win

Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing at Orbit Media Studios, discusses the importance of promoting and creating visible content .

Why Chatbots Are The Next Step In Marketing Evolution

Andrew Warner, Founder & CEO of Startup at Mixergy, Reveals How You Can significantly increased engagement by replacing the standard email list with a well thought out chatbot.

How to Build Connections Through Comedy in Marketing

Bumper Carroll, Vice President of Innovation at Second City Operations, reveals how Connect with your audience through comedy in marketing.

Why Allstate abandoned the Viral unicorn and embraced the trusty working horse

Melissa Hodai, Digital Content Team Manager for Allstate, discusses Content strategy focused on long-term nurturing rather than instant viral success that catapulted her team to industry conversions and accolades.

How to avoid buying too much Business Technology

Charlie Lynch, G Director of Lobal’s Digital Engagement at Franklin Covey, has three great tips to help your business define When should you invest in business technology? and how to choose what’s right for you.

How to Rise Above Expectations with Chat Trigger

Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin, Co-Founders of Selectivor, discuss their book, Talk Trigger, and how you can find something about your business can be casual and make it a fun, repeatable experience .

Those podcasts are just a small selection of the amazing insights our hosts bring to you each week. Check out both of our shows, Social expert & Content Experience Program , and stay tuned this January for a great new podcast from Jay. I already knew that — and it was AMAZING!

PS Wishing everyone a happy holiday and a good night everyone!

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