YouTube ads are breakout star in Google’s Q3 earnings report

The other quarter’s earnings report shows that Google is one of the winners when it comes to the changing pandemic landscape. Their investment in e-commerce and omnichannel advertising options continues to pay off as many are still hesitant to engage in in-person shopping, dining, etc. That, plus many Enjoy the convenience of online pickup, delivery and ordering options.

41% annual growth. Revenue for Google’s parent company, Alphabet, skyrocketed 41% YoY according to the report , with ad revenue driving $51.3 of $65.1 billion. Google attributes the continued increase to their big boost to commerce in Q3 (and before) during the earnings call. . Along with investing in commerce, Google is providing even more options for advertisers looking to return to in-person shopping, especially as the holiday season approaches.

YouTube is the breakout star. “Ad revenue on YouTube hit $7.2 billion, up 43% QoQ thanks to both direct response and brand promotion,” report John Glenday for the Empty. This is a result of YouTube’s proliferation of CTV (connected TV) advertising and its competing product shorts, which compete with the likes of TikTok and Snap. This increase is a big deal because Apple’s App Tracking Transparency likely to affect YouTube similarly to other video social media apps.

Google’s revenue is not affected by the legal troubles. Recent lawsuits and controversies over unsealed documents in those cases are unlikely to hurt the company’s revenue or the use of its products. These controversies include allegations that the company blocked non-AMP pages , which the company “claims will ‘dramatically improve’ mobile web performance when it launches 2015, is in fact a scheme to force publishers to use the format to limit advertising dollars to zero is spent on its own advertising exchanges. In addition, there is a history of accused of colluding with Facebook to “kill the headline bidding” and essentially align the ad market to the tech giants’ interests.

Why do we care. “Google chief business officer Philipp Schindler explained on the call that while shoppers are returning to physical stores, the company is also seeing ‘strong growth in local shopping queries’ . time, “ said Sean Hollister for The Verge. Advertisers can expect a constant shift in local and omnichannel search marketing strategies, so if you’re still unprepared, that’s something to consider for the 2022 strategy.

In terms of dynamics, Search Engine Land has written many times before about the disruptor that Google has become. Many search marketers already know (and not surprised before ) the moves the company allegedly made and many believe we only have to operate in this environment because we lack the control to change it. However, we can still exercise your ability to do well in the industry through continuous feedback and

By Nguyen Manh Cuong

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